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  1. This time a doram ♥ That one is a special gift/commission for @Miconi He isnt active anymore, but he helped me alot getting a new pen. Even if you wont read this, thank you very very much.
  2. Go Go Noob rangers ~! Fun at ww
  3. I finally finished this lines. I did them way way way back.. Mooonths ago, and i really hated them. Thats why i never continue them So i edit the lines and create something pinky kawaiish...sunrise idk Dx
  4. 🎃 HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN 🎃 Exact on time for the halloween event i finished my warlock drawing ♥ I drawed on it for days now, even if its a more simple shading i use as normal. (was an experiment) Like always i did the lines on paper and colored it on pc ♥ ~Say hello to my Walpurgis Nacht~ You can see here the original lines on paper ~
  5. Yes. I know abt leafbird, chipmunks and i found out about the others, since i found an guiana pet on my old storage wich isnt working anymore Thats why u cant find a picture of leafbird and chipmunk But important for me was the kyut, cotton and or gold/silver/bronze and blockring
  6. thanks alot for repeating it over and over LMAO XD I like dorams meany.
  7. ♥ HUHUHU heya ♥ Its exactly a week aog i posted something, i didnt even notice haha. This day i post my doram as artwork. Doram is an extremly fun class, and you can play either physical or magic! its awesome. So i felt like drawing her.. This time its a more simple shade, with only one shading color. It took me the half day.. i guess i startet aorund uhm 6 hours ago and worked straight on it. IIIIIIIIII WAS ALOT INSPIRED BY @Gacha this fat cat came latey back to drawing and drawed his kitty. And i got sooo inspired by it!! (btw you should check it out) ***no advert
  8. Yeahhhhh, like i sayd. It should do more as juuuudeex. Thanks for pointing out @D e M o N It was just smthing fats and rush, i guess master eve will fix it soon ^-^
  9. Yes please yes..... or whole map idk... because last time me and someone got Tgen~ And he was so kind give it to me ;_; ♥ But he had to wait for 1h..
  10. Yeeesuuuuu, i know a special op magic SC Lmao
  11. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH this is so adorable ♥ The one who forced you was a genie!!!! -COUGH COUGH- I love the paws so so so much, and the style is awesome too~ INKTOBER Also im giving free slaps for ppl who hate it.
  12. Looks super awesome You do a great job with mouse~ I also love the colors alot ;_; Everything fits very well.
  13. Wahhh thank you very very much ❤️ I luuuuv details~~~~ AHAHAHAHAHAH not my fault u call me weirdo just because i offer you nice milk
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