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    Going Forward

    Q.) Why aren't bug abusers or people who bully me punished? They keep on playing like nothing ever happened. A.) Please note that we only punish players based on your reports. You should never expect players to be punished without personaly creating a report. In fact, we haven't recieved a single player report in over 6 months. Please visit our Support Page for more details on how to report a player with our new ticketing system. We've only recieved reports of warp items abuse in WoE lately, which has been adressed on the item effects itself asap. Players that have been actively abusi
  2. A wise philosopher (Rafel) once said, "I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance".
  3. Hope you focused on the concept 'Guide to gold farming' than using up so many space and content on creating a char and leveling which just adds to the redundancy of what most guides already have, could've just went up to what a rebellion/gunslinger has to do.
  4. People aren't asking WW card to be changed just because it doesn't please them, its mostly because its so much of a nonsense card compared to other WB cards. And no, i'm not whining, i'm simply arguing on why WW card needs to be changed and if that's called whining on your vocabulary, i don't think your mental capacity will be able to comprehend my arguments.
  5. If that's the case, this will most probably come down to reducing damage or adding cd on sura skills again
  6. Accept that it's fate is sealed? You mean to say that its permanent? What you're saying is against the reason on why this very post is still up and not closed. Even if its not the admin's priority, he's still open for suggestions regarding it unlike what you're blabbering.
  7. Then why is it that belphe card is the main pick of acce card and KP is the main pick for shield card atm? "Simply because you expect it to be either, better than a normal boss (MVP) card, or at least equal to a boss (MVP) card." Oh really? Why is Belphe better than Ifrit then? Oh really? Why is KP card just a nerfed version of a God Item (Hervor Alvitr) + you can combine it with any other shields? And WW is what? Its basically worse than Sealed-Tao
  8. Exactly. Werewolf Essence already has a low chance rate, and you get a 1 out of 13 chances to get the card from it, and HE gum doesn't affect it. Roflmao?
  9. Because its effect is a total trash as a World Boss card
  10. One thing i can say for sure is that Suras in the server before were mostly Dragon+Fallen combo types (Spams the combo without using Tiger Cannon as the main medium for dealing damage) and got changed heavily, turning most Suras nowadays into TC types when the change in TC (No hp consumption) got implemented. Also, some Sura players atm that i know told me that it's the reason why they went back to playing Sura and changed into TC type sura, not the TC damage or anything. Which also removed the sense of having regen-type suras and giving the capability to just be High HP focused suras and just
  11. I don't think your ranger is a very good basis about this because you're always on LK card and your ranger is only 200k+ hp and prolly with no resist at all. I'm not saying that sura is not OP but the thing about what you're talking about that with 2 rapid TC you are dead, you're actually worth 1 combo only (based from experience on killing you during woe and pvp) and maybe its your PvP build and the way you play that has a problem.
  12. I'm suggesting something more Emperium Fragment/Heroism Badges specific. Something like getting higher emperium fragments as return rather than 12-30 emp frags(8% or less return) chance and cosmic powders which is only useful for making cosmic helm, which not all players wanna create or spend so much resources on to.
  13. I want to suggest to have a feature of breaking emperium gears and weapons to turn them back to emperium fragments. Can work with something like 50% emp frags worth or something like it would be revetered back to emp frags with a RNG of 30% - 50% emp frags worth the item gear/weapon used. This can also be applied to BG sets/weapons
  14. Yea after this nerf it will just go back to Zerk Rangers + 1 char with GTB and high resist to neutral property to play as tank since boss monsters can't pierce GTB with their skills and their attacks are always neutral.
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