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  1. we have 2 typeds of +10 food 1 with delay holds 30min and the with out delay holds 20 min . all the with delay foods are from event eggs or htc i think if u cook em with lvl 10 cook book they should have delay
  2. Slowmotion

    Server & Time

    great work boss ! thanks
  3. Balance for the skil Full Blast please ppl make up to 600k with this skill and it got no delay so bigger delay or nerf its not balanced at all.............
  4. + 19125 cylinder hat +16051: Valkyrie Hammer
  5. this are all cash shop items but they was in the vote shop #5497: King Tiger Doll Hat was also in vote shop
  6. Slowmotion

    Cash Shop

    Equipment Section Since the items offered were only mediocre, and adding stronger gear would only generate a pay 2 win situation, we felt removing it is the right way to go. We weren't sure whetever we're supposed to remove or update this section. Your feedback helped us to go into the right direction and remove it eventualy. is it maybe possible to implent the cash shop items in daily quest shop or the world boss shop of the pro hunter shop ? thasnks
  7. i did and i gues its faster to farm them then ur suggest
  8. i think u are faster if u farm cursed water
  9. i think i already tested it but et mvps dont count. but u can use bb's
  10. i think the cards need a rebalance befor they get implented
  11. just use blood sucker on farb and get killed while bloodsucker is activ and u will get the bug
  12. maybe u should start playing this game... instead of making jugdge from 10min test server playing...
  13. true story.... maybe we should get a roll back npc to get the wasted time back ... that we spend for daily quest or the instance to get the certi and the blessed back we spend ...
  14. thats the point the ppl spend much time to get so power full .they spent time to collect blessed ores and other stuff to get that power full ... and than boom theres come the nerfe.... so tell me please y should i spend again time to collect items or upgrade items ?? to get the next nerf and losing the motivation of collecting and upgrading....
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