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  1. would be nice to get the kro update so that we can get dual dagger lvl 10 as thief skill (the build work properly with a "recent-1or2years ago?" update) and still use dd crit build
  2. We should have different weapons according to the different "builds" so sometimes you will find 2x daggers (1 to improve atk, 1 to improve more matk) but giving 5 different weapons for any class sound a bit too much >.< would be cool to have for example a dagger for ranger that improve a little traps dmg so that you can use it in a different way/build while wearing a cranial shield, same goes for other classes. Adding different weapons u can "revamp" some not so used classes/build.
  3. I don't think adding costume that disappear after 30/60 days will make people hunt more. (but that's only my opinion) From the other side I find rly usefull if u can add weapon/armor 7/8/9 certificate, I personally never did daily quests because I find them rly boring so would be nice to have a different way to get them. Also you should not only give always 2 coins per quest, for example is not the same thing to do an horror toy factory (take 20/30 minutes) and a complete Endless tower (which require more ppl, good eq and a lot of time). You could maybe add 2x coins if u reach level 50 of endless tower, 3x if u reach level 75, 4x if u complete it (just a little example and suggestion).
  4. Aketsu

    Emperium Sets

    thx u mr. Khaii! now it's all crystal clear
  5. I don't get which armor goes with which shoes/garment, for example: every shoes/garment that can be weared from ranger will add the set effects of the "Emperium Swift Thights"? (so I ca use "emp swift thights" + "emp boots" + "emp muffler or emp manteau" and the set will work properly) 2nd: emperium wings (the one that cost 1k emp frags) is not working as a part of any set, right?
  6. I'm sure that ppl will like also long runs if the amount of badges is enough I personally also like the other modes
  7. Aketsu

    WB not eligible?

    I think he mean that magic classes are not dealing enough dmg on wb. I didn't check the WB mdef, try to use weapons that pierce mdef and check your dmg.
  8. @Everade if the xmas event end on the 1st january why the npc in althea next to the x-mas tree is not there anymore :(? I finally had a bit of time yesterday to try a couple of quests but the npc disappeared xDDDD
  9. Aketsu

    December Patch

    wtf awesome update! gz and thanks I hope we can now organize some partys for istances!!! *_*
  10. Dear Santa, I feel kinda old to ask you a gift but you always made me happy during the years, since I was a child I always believed in you and in your hard work. My ingame name is Akeryu and I'm 27 years old (told you I'm not young anymore! but you know it) what I would like to ask is that @Everade will be good during 2018 and listen to our suggestions (<3). Talking about real gifts I'm looking for a Costume Vicious Mind Aura (battleground version) so that I can feel cool like my friend Thanatos :'( so, if you still have one in your bag I'll be happy to leave a Pizza for you in the marketplatz of Althea. Anyway, if you are too busy and out of cool costumes I will be happy with a Costume Cigarette aswell. I know you will do your best to fullfill my wish. Greetings to the elfs Sincerely yours, Emanuele. P.S. my niece has drawn a paint for you, you can see me and my wolf Wolfi on the left, on the right my friend Thanatos, we are rdy to celebrate xmas! P.P.S. don't worry about the Pizza, you will find it anyway. P.P.P.S. please take care of yourself, I suggest you to not eat the cookies of @Sissney, for what I heard they are old of 2-3 years and might hurt your appetite.
  11. I know and agree. That's why the price of the rarest card is going up (togheter with the fact that ppl don't rly need so zeny) - anyway you wont find a WS for 2b right now, that's for sure and that's why I wrote it.
  12. update: as the LK I was looking for a WS card for months offering even 2.5b, I finally bought one for 3b. (this doesn't mean price is 3b, but you wont find it for 1.8-2b for sure, you should update price to 2.5-3b)
  13. Probably. It take time to find someone selling items for zeny, but it happen
  14. Well I bought a LK for 8.5b and found someone selling Tao for around 10b. Also someone is selling nightmare for 4b. You can buy a decent giant snake skin/temporal boots (and here you need agaim 4-5b) so you need enough zeny XD you need zeny also for improved accessorys...don't you?
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