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  1. Will this feature ever return? I miss being able to do private PvP testing and just chilling with people :(
  2. Hello! The drop rate of the server is already higher than normal (100x) and it just requires some patience to farm your gear. If you want, I can help you farm a bit if ever you come online the same time I do.
  3. Happy Easter everyone! I wish to share with you all tips and tricks I use to farm the Easter Eggs that appear only during the annual GatheringRO Easter Event. Before we get started with hunting, I suggest that you mute your in-game BGM and leave your sound effects on. This factor will be very important in hunting eggs. Step 1: Choosing your map. All Althean fields have Easter Eggs but some are better to hunt in during certain situations. Some fields are usually contested while the others are empty and relatively peaceful to farm so, take your pick! My personal favorites to
  4. Option 5: Kill a player HAHAHAHAHA
  5. Just as the title suggests, I'd like to push for an alternative for S-Rank quests aside from just killing a random MVP as I feel that as more players join the server, it would be close to impossible for everyone to fulfill their Daily Quest requirement. My suggestion would be that S-Rank would instead give people 4 options to choose from in order to accomplish the S-Rank task. Option 1: Kill a the marked MVP/Kill any MVP monster with this archtype (Demi-human, Demon, Insect etc.)/Kill a random MVP Option 2: Obtain these items in order to accomplish S-Rank. This could be a more difficult ve
  6. Wowowewow!! Thanks for the transparency :> I've been reviewing gRO as well on the RMS forums to hopefully get new players in. It'd be cool for more people to experience this upcoming update ^_^
  7. When can we expect the next big patch to come in? I'd really want to see Star Emperor and Soul Reaper to come in along with some major rebalancing :D
  8. Does dealing an absurd amount of damage to the World Boss punish you by only rewarding the bare minimum? I remember getting MVP on the World Boss and getting only an Evil Boss Fragment and 5 Yggdrasil berries. Is this intentional because I think it's counter-intuitive to give less rewards to the player who dealt the most damage to the boss.
  9. Yes, turns out after retracing my steps, I realized that I've been trying to use them inside a WoE Castle.
  10. This guide will cover the leveling route for both Human and Doram races. The GULUG is optimized so that you spend the least amount of zenny and spend the least amount of time leveling up so that you can worry more about reaching the endgame for your any favorite characters! All you have to do is to read and follow this simple guide, and you'll be ready for what GatheringRO has to offer! Part 1: Non-expanded Route Step 1: Create a character and give him/her a nice name! Step 2: Exit the ship by following the instructions given to you. Upon leaving the ship, approach Captain Carocc
  11. Have you finished killing all the required MVPs in the "Dangerous Rumors" quest? That's usually the culprit on why you can't warp there :(
  12. I did a little referencing in our gRO database where I got the +10 Food with cooldowns from. Though I'm not quite sure which one is the correct item number for the ones with cooldowns, I've narrowed my search into two item numbers: one which possesses the exact same item description as the one in-game, and the other which has an "Event" indication on its description. Steamed Tongue (Item ID: 12250 or 12501) was obtained from opening a Steamed Tongue Box (10) (Item ID: 16505) Steamed Desert Scorpions (Item ID: 12251 or 12502) was obtained from opening a Steamed Desert Scorpions Box (10) (Item
  13. Ah so that's why images don't show. I understand! I'll avoid doing so next time. Thanks for telling me~ :>
  14. I used them in the WoE Core and they have a delay in usage. Though the status that they apply is seen in viewing the item (HP% and/or SP% recovery) which might be the status cooldowns you mentioned. However, I think it's kind of an inconvenience to have cooldowns for them as it's harder to stack the food effects compared to the other food buffs.
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