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  1. Hmm that makes sense; I did not consider that. Thanks @Hangul for pointing these out!
  2. I'm going to provide a compilation of my PERSONAL FEEDBACK of all the classes I've tested. Other players may add to this as well in hopes that we'd get some tweaks/rebalancings. I'd like to mention again that this is A PERSONAL FEEDBACK and I may not have the best gears in the server for specific classes. Rune Knight - Incredibly broken This class was probably the reason why the system detected "feeding" during the recent War of Emperium events as their Dragon Breath deals an ungodly amount of damage in low intervals, and in a long-ranged area of effect. The fact that the Rune Knight can defend themselves from different forms of damage makes it a cheesy class to play dealing overkill damage and taking absolutely no damage. With 130 Vit and a Tao Gunka Card, a Rune Knight can hit close to 200k HP which is quite high considering most players I've observed have HP ranging from around 80k-140k. Skills that make the Rune Knight broken: Dragon Breath - Regardless of what element you change Dragon Breath into, it will still deal around roughly 100k-250k damage during WoE which is higher than the average HP of players. This skill is highly spammable as opposed to the pre-update where it had around 3 seconds to cooldown. Sonic Wave - While it is less oppressive compared to Dragon Breath, the fact that it can one-shot someone out of the blue with 0-cast gives it more than a reason to be broken. Non-woe PVP testing revealed it to deal around 150k-200k on a target with minimal resist. Do note that this was not a Crit and god-knows how much damage it would deal if it did actually crit. Wind Cutter - The spammable capacity of this skill is to be feared (no pun intended) as an RK sitting on the entrance can simply spam this skill with a Spear and wreck anyone who tries to move past. I'd watch out for this skill as it has a potential to get just as broken as Dragon Breath. @LKshaye mentioned his claim that this skill isn't broken as it doesn't stagger lock. Notable Rune Knight skills that are balanced: Bowling Bash - I believe that Bowling Bash is quite balanced and appropriate for this patch as it has a cooldown, cast time, and manageable damage. In a WoE setting, this damage improves due to Bowling Bash's hits scaling toward the number of affected targets. Though I'd argue that it would need a bit more damage to make it viable to center in a build. @LKshaye mentioned that this skill isn't so good as it has a cooldown and won't be viable until future episodes. Brandish Spear - Similar to Bowling Bash, this skill has a cooldown, cast time, and manageable damage. While it isn't as strong as Bowling Bash in terms of potential damage, the spear requirement allows players to utilize a variety of other spear-centered skills like Spear Boomerang and Hundred Spears. @LKshaye mentioned that similar to Bowling Bash, this skill isn't viable until future episodes. Ignition Break - I like how the skill no longer requires players to have a Fire-property weapon to deal extra damage as well as being two-cells close to deal the maximum amount of damage. I believe that this skill should get a slight buff in damage or reduction of cooldown for it to be more viable to play around. @LKshaye mentioned otherwise that this is actually a broken skill. Hundred Spear - For an offensive skill, Hundered Spear has quite the long cooldown but it does deal a respectable amount of damage to bunched targets. The damage isn't oppressive at all and I believe that this is a standard Rune Knight skill for this patch. @LKshaye mentioned that this skill isn't as strong with similar reasons as Bowling Bash and Hundred Spear. Royal Guard - It's OK Though I didn't have the chance to see players recently use this class, I've gone ahead and did some testing. Martyr's Reckoning (more commonly known as Sacrifice) deals dismal damage. With 130 Vit and without a Taogunka Card, the RG deals a measly 10k damage per hit which is obviously not enough considering how much damage the other classes deal, and especially on the account that this skill requires the user to spend a percentage of HP per hit. It seems that the only thing that the RGs have going for them is their Over Brand that deals massive damage when positioned correctly. Skill(s) that make the Royal Guard broken: Over Brand - Despite this skill being super close range and tricky to pull off, Over Brand is capable of one-shotting any class that gets too close. Combined with the Moon Slasher skill, it makes for a formidable force. Then again, you need to get close to the target which rarely happens as even an RG can get one-shotted in this patch (this absolutely weirds me out). Skills of the Royal Guard that need to get buffed: Martyr's Reckoning - For the amount of risk an RG puts to deal 10k damage is too high. Perhaps increase the MaxHP-to-damage scaling? Rapid Smiting (Shield Chain) - The damage of this skill is abysmal even with a heavy shield and decent weapon. This skill needs to be seriously buffed to be viable for building into. @LKshaye mentioned that this skill now has an 11-cell range, and that with a +13-+14 Glorious Spear to make the most use out of this skill. Genesis Ray - Despite this skill getting 'buffed', it lacks power even with a full Int and Matk build. It needs more love to actually be a viable build. Cannon Spear - Long cooldown + low damage doesn't make it very viable to build around. I believe it requires a small damage buff to make Cannon Spear builds active again especially with Bio5 headgears available for PvP. Sorcerer - Clearly Broken One skill that makes the Sorcerer one of the most broken classes in the server right now is Psychic Wave. Using a book-class weapon, I can deal 100k damage per tick of Psychic Wave with instant casting speed. Though a majority of Sorcerer skills are balanced, this single skill breaks the entire class. Skill(s) that make the Sorcerer broken: Psychic Wave - As mentioned in the Sorcerer's introduction, this skill deals an ungodly amount of damage with the potential ability to change its element. This needs a massive damage nerf to make it balanced. This skill rivals the RK's Dragon Breath in its oppressiveness with the only thing keeping it from breaking the entire game is its cooldown. Notable Sorcerer skills that are balanced: Diamond Dust - This skill deals a moderate burst of damage, has a cooldown, and has a chance to inflict Crystallize on the target. Its damage isn't as bonkers as Psychic Wave, and you can't spam it so it's a manageable and balanced skill. Varetyr Spear - Despite this skill easily countered by a Maya Card, its upside is good enough for a player to want to risk casting this skill. Since stats are low and resists are close to non-existent, the Stun mechanic of Varetyr Spear enables Sorcerers to lock down groups of enemies with ease. It has a cooldown and moderate damage so I'd say this would be better balanced with a slight damage nerf. Earth Grave - I believe that this skill needs a slight damage buff for players to consider maxing it out as it seems to only be good as a tool to reveal hidden targets, and as a prerequisite to getting Arrullo. Killing Cloud - The damage is high enough for players to not want to stay inside it, and the Poison status effect is genuinely something to fear in this patch as low SP is a common place. Combined with Poison Buster, one can finish off targets if timed correctly. Poison Buster - I don't think that players would really like to get this skill as it would be spent better elsewhere to cover more support skills such as Warmer and Extreme Vacuum. However, getting this skill ensures a strong burst of damage when the specific cloud poison prerequisite is met. --To be continued-- (I'm probably working on it now).
  3. (gonna revive this slightly old thread) As an alternative option to killing a specified MVP for accomplishing an S-rank quest, I suggest that there would be the option to instead accomplish a specified official/custom non-legendary quest. For example, make a Shafka Hat or a Magic Eyes Hat in order to earn (x) amount of zenny, coupons, and a GatheringRO Coupon for the Headgear Upgrade Quest which I believe is pretty undervalued at the moment. This way, it gives purpose to quests that have been previously been ignored due to their non-meta status or what-not. It also allows players to not only explore a facet of Ragnarok Online long forgotten, but it also gives value to the said quests. :)
  4. Define "good" because there are a lot of "good" classes for both WoE and Battlegrounds. If by "good" you mean high K/D ratios that would be the Warlock, Doram, and Rebellion classes. If you mean "popular", Royal Guard, Doram, Sorcerer(recent), Shadow Chaser, and Mechanic. If you mean "reliable", Royal Guard, Doram, Genetic, Archbishop, Ranger. Take your pick. Most of the Glorious Weapons are strong in PVP scenarios especially when they're greatly refined (+11 - +14). Though objectively speaking, there are better alternatives to the Glorious Armor set (the Glorious accessories are fine though) as description-wise, the Glorious Set is built for support roles like Archbishops and Pitcher-build Genetics. The Siege Set was recommended to you because it is one of the most reliable PVP sets for players breaking into the PvP scene as it provides a great deal of resistance against players, ranged attacks, and grants a considerable amount of HP. It's really up to you what kind of character you want to build!
  5. Will this feature ever return? I miss being able to do private PvP testing and just chilling with people :(
  6. Hello! The drop rate of the server is already higher than normal (100x) and it just requires some patience to farm your gear. If you want, I can help you farm a bit if ever you come online the same time I do.
  7. Happy Easter everyone! I wish to share with you all tips and tricks I use to farm the Easter Eggs that appear only during the annual GatheringRO Easter Event. Before we get started with hunting, I suggest that you mute your in-game BGM and leave your sound effects on. This factor will be very important in hunting eggs. Step 1: Choosing your map. All Althean fields have Easter Eggs but some are better to hunt in during certain situations. Some fields are usually contested while the others are empty and relatively peaceful to farm so, take your pick! My personal favorites to farm are alt_fild08 and alt_fild06 as they're both relatively small maps and you can farm Daily Quest materials while you're hunting eggs! Map notes: Red indicates high probability of contest, Yellow indicates medium probability of contest, and Green indicates low probability of contest. alt_fild01 - The Puddle Valley is medium sized but doesn't have a lot of foliage (it's mostly puddles) which makes it ideal for hunting eggs. alt_fild02 - The Werewolf Village is medium-large sized and slightly populated with trees. The map's awkward shape makes it a little difficult and unattractive to some when hunting eggs but, it's a good spot nonetheless. alt_fild03 - The Goldring Field small sized and has a lot of trees for its size. The map has a lot of cliffs making it difficult to move around manually. Based on the map-spawn information, it's the only map with 2 Easter Eggs spawns, making it practically meaningless to farm here. However, due to the low probability of contest, it is a good idea to farm here at times when the other maps are being heavily contested. On the plus side, you can farm Gold while you're at it! alt_fild04 - The Gorge of the Four Lords is a medium-large sized area which is densely populated with trees and literal bugs. No one really farms here as the dense foliage makes it hard to find the eggs. There's also a large marble cliff that cuts the gorge making it difficult to navigate the area on foot. If you're unlucky, an Argos might decide to Spider Web you. alt_fild05 - The Dummy Field is a large-sized area which is moderately populated with foliage. Most of the paths are clear but there's a chance that some eggs will spawn on the plants making it hard to see them. The map's size usually drives off would-be egg hunters as it's just an annoyance to farm this area with some of the mobs roaming about. However, with this in mind, it's unlikely that someone would want to contest this area. alt_fild06 - The Blockring Forest is a small and overgrown area that is a relatively popular spot to hunt during the Easter event. The narrow roads make it easy to find eggs but the overgrowth makes it difficult to visually find the eggs. It's one of the smallest maps so it's very likely that there will be some contest here. alt_fild07 - The Arch-demon's Pass is a large area with sparse vegetation. The large, awkward layout of the map makes it tiresome to move around. There's also a wharf at the south and south-central parts of the area making egg spawns more scattered and difficult to find during longer hunts. Knowing this, it is highly unlikely that there would be contest in this area. alt_fild08 - The Althean Cape is a small area with sparse vegetation, and narrow passages making it on of the easiest and most contested areas to farm in. There are splitting Porings that drop Unripe Apples and some mobs that drop Novice Buff Scrolls making it a highly efficient area to farm in. Due to these factors, it is highly likely that there will be a lot of contest in this area. Step 2: Hunting the Easter Eggs. After you've chosen your map, it's time to hunt some Easter Eggs! The sprites of the Easter Eggs look like Peco Peco Eggs and have the sound-effect of a Pupa. Remember that instruction about your sound settings I gave earlier? That's gonna come in handy in this phase. Looking for the eggs with the @jump command is useful but shouldn't be used solely to find eggs. Use the command slowly and listen for a heartbeat every after jump and walk around a bit. If you have directional sound, it'll be easy for you to find the eggs as you're simply going to be playing hot-and-cold with it! Example: 1) I jumped a few times and I heard the telltale thumping of an Easter Egg. From this [default] angle, you can't clearly see the egg but because my sound effects are on, I can tell that the thumping sound is fairly loud already, indicating that I'm within range of the egg. 2) I walk around a bit while rotating my screen and eventually, I find the egg. 3) I murder the egg in cold blood. Rinse and Repeat. Step 3: Redeeming your rewards. Proceed to James at @warp alt_fild02 231 148 225 147. Speak to him and he'll give you rewards based on how much yolk you give him. Also, don't touch the fruits. According to Saku, you can only redeem 5 Colored, 5 Spiritual, 4 Flowery, 4 Lovely, 3 Cute and 2 Mysterious Eggs for the rest of the event. (2310 Egg Yolks). Other recommendations: I suggest that you use either a Warlock or a Genetic to farm the eggs as the Warlock is capable of a screen-wide attack that can attack even hidden eggs, and the Genetic has incredible movement speed due to cart boost making it easier for them to move around. Thanks for reading my guide! Special Thanks to Saku for the Egg redemption info :>
  8. Option 5: Kill a player HAHAHAHAHA
  9. Just as the title suggests, I'd like to push for an alternative for S-Rank quests aside from just killing a random MVP as I feel that as more players join the server, it would be close to impossible for everyone to fulfill their Daily Quest requirement. My suggestion would be that S-Rank would instead give people 4 options to choose from in order to accomplish the S-Rank task. Option 1: Kill a the marked MVP/Kill any MVP monster with this archtype (Demi-human, Demon, Insect etc.)/Kill a random MVP Option 2: Obtain these items in order to accomplish S-Rank. This could be a more difficult version of A-Rank quests requiring either more or rarer materials to turnover. Option 3: Tame these monsters in order to accomplish S-Rank. This could be a more challenging version of B-Rank quests requiring rarer monsters to tame or more of a certain type. Option 4: Kill these specific monsters in order to accomplish S-Rank. This could be a hybrid version of C-Rank quests requiring the player to kill different specific monsters to a certain level of difficulty. This way, people won't have to wait for literal hours just to kill a highly contested MVP. :)
  10. Wowowewow!! Thanks for the transparency :> I've been reviewing gRO as well on the RMS forums to hopefully get new players in. It'd be cool for more people to experience this upcoming update ^_^
  11. When can we expect the next big patch to come in? I'd really want to see Star Emperor and Soul Reaper to come in along with some major rebalancing :D
  12. Does dealing an absurd amount of damage to the World Boss punish you by only rewarding the bare minimum? I remember getting MVP on the World Boss and getting only an Evil Boss Fragment and 5 Yggdrasil berries. Is this intentional because I think it's counter-intuitive to give less rewards to the player who dealt the most damage to the boss.
  13. Yes, turns out after retracing my steps, I realized that I've been trying to use them inside a WoE Castle.
  14. This guide will cover the leveling route for both Human and Doram races. The GULUG is optimized so that you spend the least amount of zenny and spend the least amount of time leveling up so that you can worry more about reaching the endgame for your any favorite characters! All you have to do is to read and follow this simple guide, and you'll be ready for what GatheringRO has to offer! Part 1: Non-expanded Route Step 1: Create a character and give him/her a nice name! Step 2: Exit the ship by following the instructions given to you. Upon leaving the ship, approach Captain Carocc (but don't click him!) in order to trigger a dialogue with him. Step 3: Go through the dialogue and choose the option "I know Ragnarok already." and "Skip Tutorial and Warp to Althea" to speed things up! After you finish the dialogue, you will be awarded a Beginner's Backpack which will be of use later! Step 4: Upon arrival to Althea, speak to the Warp Agent, select Dungeons, then Hidden Dungeon, and then Hidden Dungeon 1. Step 5: Open your inventory (Alt + E) and double click the Beginners Backpack. Upon using the item, you will be given Starter Gear. Double click the Beginners Weapon Arsenal and click on your EQP tab of your inventory to see the items. As a Novice, I suggest that you equip the entire Beginners Set and use the Beginners Sword as it generally deals the best damage. Step 6: Kill the Porings until you reach Job Lvl 10. Upon leveling up, open your Skill Tree (Alt + S) and dump all your skill points on "Basic Skill". Click Apply and OK. After you've distributed your skill points, type @go 0 to return to Althea to change your job! Step 7: Speak to the Job Master and select any class! For this guide, I'll be going for the Swordsman job. Step 8: Open your Status Tree (Alt + A) and put all your points on your main stat. For reference: (Str: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Taekwon Kid. Dex: Archer, Gunslinger. Int: Magician, Acolyte). After you have done so, speak to the Warp Agent and proceed to Ant Hell 1. Step 9: When in Ant Hell 1, kill Ant Eggs until you reach Job Level 50. Distribute all your skill points similarly to Step 6 and return to Althea via @go 0. Step 10: Change to desired job. For this guide, I'll be choosing Knight. After changing Job, return to Ant Hell 1, and use your AoE skill to destroy the Ants and Ant Eggs. For Swordsman class, I'll be using Magnum Break. Rinse and repeat until you reach BaseLvl 99 and JobLvl 80. Distribute all your skill points and return to Althea to be Reborn. Step 11: Upon Rebirth, you will revert to your Novice state. Therefore, repeat Steps 4 - 9 until you reach your Reborn Class. For this guide, it will be the Lord Knight. Step 12: Upon reaching your Reborn Class, speak to the Mercenary Service NPC and obtain two 5th Level Bow Mercenaries. Open your inventory and use the Mercenary Scroll. Once you see the mercenary pop out, open its window (Ctrl + R) and click "Skill". Drag the Double Strafe skill into one of your skill slots and type @warp thor_v03 2 71. Step 13: Hunt lone Bow Guardians. Use the @jump command to move around the dungeon until you find one and use the Mercenary's skill to kill the Bow Guardian. Rinse and Repeat until you reach level 250. The closer you get to Base Level 250, the more you can help your Mercenary fight. Tip: If ever your Mercenary's hp drops dangerously low, teleport back to Althea via @go 0 and speak to the Healer. This will put you and your Mercenary back to full health, ready to take on more mobs. If ever your mercenary dies, you still have a back up scroll in your inventory (that's why we bought two). After the first two to three Bow Guardian kills, you will be able to handle most of the mobs there alone. Step 14: Change to 3rd Job and proceed to the Charleston Factory via Warp Agent. (Warp Agent --> Instances --> Charleston Crisis) Create a party (@party "Party Name") and speak to Charleston take her challenge. After you've accepted her challenge, interact with the Teleport Machine and create an instance to enter the dungeon . Upon entering the instance, walk towards Charleston 1 just like how you walked towards Captain Carocc (again, don't speak to her!) this will trigger dialogue and enable the mobs to spawn. Beyond the platform, monsters will appear as you enter certain checkpoints. Now that you're max level, they shouldn't be a problem for you. If you still have your mercenary with you, you can his it to tank the mobs while you hit them with high damaging AoE skills. Kill the mobs until you reach Job level 120. The first wave of mobs alone got this character from Job Level 1 to Job Level 77. And, you're done! ===TBC===
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