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  1. Kazalus

    Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, It's been a while since I've last written to you like this. I apologize as I've been incredibly preoccupied with college and my other responsibilities/hobbies. However, instead of asking you for a gifts, I'd like you to bless someone else instead as I feel that the gift that I might request would be better for someone else to have, and since Christmas is the season for giving, I do implore that you give a little bit of something to everyone. This year has been quite the harrowing experience for most of us here and I believe that everyone deserves a dose of happiness. That bei
  2. Originally @Callianna's idea. As the title says, a weekly announcement of PHQ quests in order for players to plan ahead! It's frustrating to do an instance only to find out the next day that it's the target for PHQ. An instance like Endless Tower with a 2-day cooldown is troublesome especially if you do it the day before. So, a weekly forecast of PHQ targets will enable players to think ahead of time and conserve their instances as well as prepare for them.
  3. Kazalus

    Summer Event

    Sanhe is mostly reclusive and just really wants to be left alone. When he goes fishing, he moves to a small abandoned fishing dock just north of the Goldring's Field. He is promptly humiliated as a Thief Fish steals his only Metal Fishing Rod. Sanhe wishes that he could fish here
  4. Judging by the script Sanbica's Gift Box contains no Item ID for any symbol. Maybe Sanbica has a seperate chance of giving a symbol along with the box?
  5. I think World Bosses are getting quite boring as the tactics are repetitive for the World Bosses, and I feel that there are certain aspects of the World Boss Events that do not cater to all classes especially the support classes. I wish to suggest two main things: World Boss Map(s) and a ranking system dedicated to World Boss. Let's start with the map. I feel that the maps where the World Bosses spawn are quite bland and are tedious to warp to. Therefore, I made a quick sketch of a map that could be a place where the World Boss could spawn: Let me explain the sugge
  6. Kazalus

    Guide Event

  7. Judging by what people commented here on this thread the following items in addition to what I initially listed are: Poring Rucksack Deviling Rucksack King Tiger Doll Hat Heart Wing Band Lucky Hat Pegasus Wing Ears Yellow Hat I didn't list the Ancient Gold Ornament anymore since there is already a way to get it. I also agree with @Alexaa that these should be accessible via quest completion and not simply exchanging gears. Perhaps players could brainstorm for possible quests for these items as to add more flavor and satisfaction to receiving t
  8. Not sure if this was suggested before but, here it goes! Since the Vote Shop is dead, wouldn't it be nice to still be able to acquire previous Vote Shop Items through other means? Equipment such as Flying Galapago, Sorcerer's Night Cap, and Vanargandr Helm would be available for redemption in the Pro Hunter and/or Evil Boss Fragment shop. Consumables like the HD Elunium and HD Oridecon Boxes may be obtained in similar ways as well. Items such as the Mine Hat and the Advanced Mining Pick can be readily available for purchase beside Torros. Maybe? Juuuuust maybe this
  9. I recently requested a close friend of mine to commission an art of my Rebellion (it wasn't for free #notofreeart), and I just wanted to show off her works. Maybe you guys would like to have some commissioned as well? Her IG is: sabrinyan_kindred I just want to say that her art is DOOOOOOOOPE.
  10. Kazalus


    Hi, I don't know if this has been successfully reported but, I've been able to replicate the sit-bug with the help of @Mytranos. What is the "Sit-bug"? The "sit-bug" is when your character is on its attack stance but when in fact, your character is sitting. How does it happen? Based on tests with @Mytranos, we've come to a conclusion that the "sit-bug" occurs when a skill that forces you to sit such as Wind Mill or Moon Slasher hits you whilst flinching. The best way we were able to replicate this was Finger Offensive followed immediately by Wind Mill. Ho
  11. Being a Pro Hunter gives you access to the Pro Hunter Market located at (althea_in 75 88) which contains various items that push into PvE end-game territory. But first, you need the Pro Hunter's License that only Pro Hunters who passed a rigorous test may obtain such a license. Step 1: Go to the Adventurer's Guild (@go adv) and talk to Ging. Tip: Don't spam through the dialogue. He will ask you if you want to take the exam, which you reply "Yes, please!". Step 2: Walk down just a little bit and speak to the Exam Supervisor. Select the dialogue "Yes, I am read
  12. As the title shows, there are quite a number of items that aren't dropping from monsters in the Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance. These items are: Awakened Pere Card (dropped by the Awakened Ferre) Playing Pere Card (dropped by the and Pere) Singing Pere Card (dropped by the and Pere) Jitterbug Card (dropped by the regular Jitterbug) New Oz's Wing Ring (dropped by the regular Jitterbug) Based on in-game searches via @mi command, it is evident that these mobs do lack drops. (@mi Awakened) (Lacks its card)
  13. If I may add my viewpoint: I think the issue with the Werewolf card based on what I'm seeing in this thread is that its effect sucks. It's basically a Sealed Tao Gunka Card. Though I strongly agree with @Everade saying that World Boss Cards should not overshadow official cards as it will cause balancing issues as well as lower people's creativity when building characters. I believe that World Boss Cards shouldn't be some sort of staple or must-have too because then people will overlook genuinely good cards for their build. World Boss cards should be... spicy or be that jank ca
  14. Thanks for the info! I'll revise it along the way.
  15. This guide will cover the following: Introduction The World Bosses Class/Job Relevance during World Boss Events Etiquette in World Boss Events Introduction: World Boss Events (most commonly known as WBEs) are one of the custom features of GatheringRO. Every few set of hours, a world boss appears in a specific map wherein players must arrive to and defeat the world boss together. If you are curious when and where the next world boss might spawn, click here. World Bosses often provide a plethora of rewards such as Werewolf Essence, King Poring Essence, a
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