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  1. Thanks for the consideration. I will try inviting people to read the thread and have their opinion.
  2. Same here, I also opened 2 converted boxes with only 1 BB on it each. But since the description says only 1 BB per box, I didnt bother to report it. When I checked the Emperium Fragment Shop (Kyliah), the BB Box which is priced the same as the Blessed Ore Box gives 10 BB's, so I think the converted BB Boxes should give 8 or 10 BB's.
  3. Since the start of the normalization, most (if not all) offensive classes can basically 1-shot anybody. While this may be the standard scenario for servers following the official format, this makes WoE/PvP in our server a bit lackluster. Not to find fault on the current situation, but the WoE/PvP pre-normalization was exciting with its drawn-out fights, skills showcase, and thought-out class utilizations. Now, only offensive classes are being used and support/tank classes are losing its purpose even with the skill updates. While its too early to judge the current situation as we are still in the adjustment phase, if this persists, WoE/PVP oriented players may lose interest. With this, I am suggesting that WoE/PvP damage mechanics will be changed. WoE currently has 50% damage reduction (or 40%? correct me if I'm wrong) and PvP has none. If the damage reduction will be increased (say 90% for WoE and 75% for PvP maps) instead of applying the HP/SP multipliers, there may not be a need for skills and items balancing due to said HP/SP customization, and it can bring back the former fun of gRO WoE/PvP. This is just a suggestion from someone who AFKs all day and only plays during WoE/PvP. Hopefully it will be considered.
  4. I opened some Ascended Crafting chests and didnt get the right amount of Blacksmith's Blessings. The description says: 3 HD Carnium/Bradium 10 Blacksmith's Blessing +6~+9 Safe Refine Certificate It didnt say 1~10 Blacksmith's Blessing but I got only one for each chest I opened. I dont have Ascended Crafting chests anymore so I cant show an ss of the description.
  5. Oh. So the additional 300 storage slots is supposed to be the total capacity provided by the secondary storage? Seems I misunderstood the description. Totally fine, its too much storage anyway. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Recently purchased 'Storage Expander' to have access to a secondary storage (@storage2) for my items frequently transferred char-to-char. As the description says, it also provides 300 additional slots of storage. However, I noticed that Im still at xxx/800 max capacity even when I also have Premium Account activated (also provides +300 storage slots, see link below). Given both storage bonuses, I should be at xxx/1100 max capacity. Please fix. Thank you!
  7. The description says 'a chance to cause Fear Status when dealing or receiving damage'. It is not specified whether the damage dealt or received is physical or magical so it is safe to assume that it is either. Did some testing and found out that its only triggered by physical damage dealt or received. I cant show proof on this since there is no status icon nor special effects when 'Fear' is triggered. The item script also suggests that it is only triggered by physical damage. Should the 'Fear Effect' be triggered by magical damage too? Im voting for it to be triggered by magic damage too for more usability of the item. If so, please fix the script. If not, the item description should be changed.
  8. BUG: Warmaster Badge procs the '+Healing Power' half of the time instead of just the '+Atk' while doing physical attacks, while spamming heal skill doesnt activate the '+Healing Power'. There are 3 types of 'Awaken' as the description suggests: +Atk : +150 Atk, +150% HP Recovery? (activated by dealing physical damage). Chants "You toy with powers that are beyond you.." during activation. +Matk : +150 Matk, +150% SP Recover? (activated by dealing magical damage). Chants "Cower mortals, before your master's wrath.." during activation. +Healing Power : +15% healing power (activated by doing [Heal] or [Potion Pitcher]). Chants "I will show you blessings undreamed of.." during activation. During my testing, each type of 'Awaken' comes with 'after-cast delay -15%' and 'fixed-cast time -0.2s'. I cant prove the +150% HP/SP Recovery though. I assume it comes bundled with the +Atk/+Matk. Using a Sura, I did some tests with basic attacks and some commonly used skills. SURA TEST BENCH STATS (no Awaken): Atk = 127+55 Matk = 148+55 Heal amount: 2128 Dragon Combo: 3093x2 (full spirits) Finger Offensive: 1990x5 (full spirits) SAMPLE ACTIVATIONS: Chant: "You toy with powers that are beyond you.." Note: activated by normal attack (correct) Atk = 127+230 (+175, script says +150) Matk = 148+55 Chant: "You toy with powers that are beyond you.." Note: activated by Dragon Combo (correct) Atk = 127+230 (+175, script says +150) Matk = 148+55 Dragon Combo after awaken: 4738x2 (full spirits) Chant: "You toy with powers that are beyond you.." Note: activated by Finger Offensive (correct) Atk = 127+230 (+175, script says +150) Matk = 148+55 Finger Offensive after awaken: 3126x5 (full spirits) Chant: "I will show you blessings undreamed of.." Note: activated by normal attack (bug?) Atk = 127+55 Matk = 148+55 Heal after awaken: 2458 --> [(2458-2128)/2128)x100] = 15.5% increase Chant: "I will show you blessings undreamed of.." Note: activated by Dragon Combo (bug?) Atk = 127+55 Matk = 148+55 Chant: "I will show you blessings undreamed of.." Note: activated by Finger Offensive (bug?) Atk = 127+55 Matk = 148+55 Chant: "Cower mortals, before your master's wrath.." Note: activated by Holy Light (correct) Atk = 127+55 Matk = 148+180 (+125, script says +150) CONCLUSION: +Healing Power activates with physical damage when it shoudnt be the case. This hinders the user's physical damage capabilities taking advantage of the 'Awaken' status to increase physical attacks. Another thing to note is that +Healing Power doesnt activate even when spamming [Heal] or [Potion Pitcher]. Also, the actual +Atk/+Matk doesnt match the script. If this is a script bug, a fix is greatly appreciated.
  9. Warmaster Badge procs the '+20% healing power' 50% of the time instead of just the '+150 Atk' while doing physical attacks. Spamming heal doesnt activate the '+20% healing power' too. Also, the +healing and +atk procs dont reduce the cast time by 0.2s, only the +matk does. Is this intended or a bug? Noticed this after the instance update.
  10. KP's script should just be fixed to its intended effect as to do 20% reduce and additional 5% at +9.
  11. I think you meant RC_player script. If its RC_All, that includes the players already. If you put the rc_all and rc_player on the same script then it will stack.
  12. Costume Heart's Key, Heart Half A and B are not showing 🙁. Please fix. Thanks.
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