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  1. Xhin

    Taekwon Ranking Bug

    Case Solve. Thank you Sir!!
  2. Xhin

    Taekwon Ranking Bug

    Hello Sir thank you for the fast reply! I just did. I am currently On Line and kept on Relogging every now and then but alas it's the same result
  3. Xhin

    Taekwon Ranking Bug

    Hello!! It's been a while that I played Taekwon. I was planning to get into the Ranking but this bug is bothering me a while now. Yesterday I supposed to be in the Ranking but I didn't. And oh! I'm not ever sure if the Ranker is on line doing TKM also but every time I finished my TKM the Rankers POINT ADD also (Maybe it's my point not his/her to begin with?).
  4. Thank you for all the replies, truly I am. I asked several people in game. Most of them said they can'y pass that part also. My connection regarding to the server is quite stable (from time to time lag). I will ask some people who finished it to help me also (or do the dance dance part for me).
  5. Ok thanks. I'll try the "stay ahead of the moves by 1-2 steps". I hope it works XD. I'll Update as soon as I can Edit: Didn't work. Some says that my Ragnarok Files are bugged, to them the 'dance dance' part is fine. Any suggestions?
  6. So I'm REALLY stuck on that part Forever? Or there's some other way to Finish that Dance Dance part?
  7. I see. So I'm stuck in that part of the quest. Thank you for the reply. I hope they resolve this. I want my Helm pretty bad.
  8. Does the 'Dance Dance' part bugged? Because I can't Pass the test. The 'Hiding' effect doesn't sync with the steps of the quest. Thanks.
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