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  2. A wise philosopher once said, "I'm so fancy~~~ You already know~~~".
  3. Although I agree that Homunculus needs a bit of adjustment towards the server's rates, I don't agree on your reason behind this. Homunculi differ in roles and even though Amistr is a tank one, it doesn't mean that he should already be able to tank MVPs. First of all your Amistr is at the initial stage. It's not even the Evolved version which has improved stats. Second, its not Homunculus S, which has way better stats and still they differ in roles and if you want something to tank it, it should be Bayeri or Sera. I would suggest working on Homunculus S and have one specialized in tanking which is better with an Amistr as base homunculus.
  4. +1 on either reducing the damage or adding a bit of cooldown on the skills. Sura has Low Risk High Reward for a while now due to high mobility and adding damage that they can Body Relocate + Tiger Cannon, Rinse Repeat which often times kills targets in a few attempts leaves really few rooms for counterplay.
  5. Since its for PvM you can also let Mercenaries soak up damage while you get good distance. You can go for that alternative while setting up your traps in PvM.
  6. oh I forgot to reply since I've been quite busy XDD IGN: Flamel Emure hope it still counts XD
  7. Geneticist PvP Guide This guide is all about a discussion of how to do PvP with the class who specializes in wits, speed, and style. If you got lost because you were looking for something else kindly click these links in order to find your ways: Contents: Overview Pros and Cons Stats Skills Recommended Gears Match-ups Afterword Overview Geneticists are the third job advancement of the Alchemists and Biochemists. An all-rounder class that introduces the use of Plants and new Cart Skills. They can solo MVP's and rather considered among the best with regards to it. Geneticists received an improved version of Cart Boost which makes their mobility one of the best in the game. They're a must have member in a guild in order to prevent armors and weapons from getting stripped or broken during sieges. The masters of alchemy have returned and they are now a deadly force to reckon with. Pros and Cons Geneticists are not perfect, well not all class are, but here are some things you should look over about this class. Pros: - High mobility due to Cart Boost - Good Support skills with an almost Mandatory buff in every WOE/PvP - Trap Abilities and Trap Clearing Skill - Easy to spam skills Cons: - Heavily reliant on supplies making it a very expensive class - Reliable AoE skills but requires setting up to be useful Stats STR: 90-180 (180 for Temporal Str Boots) AGI: 1 or 110-120 (cast animation cancellation) VIT: 130-150 (130 for bonus of Adventurer's Backpack) DEX: 150-185 (185 for Temporal Dex Boots) INT: 180-200 (main offensive stat) LUK: 50-90 (LUK points are much cheaper over STR/INT after a certain point also good for freeze duration reduction) Builds are a matter of personal touch. Just go over and test out which build you want to go for and work your stat around it. Skills I'm sure someone already discussed the skills, but as I've said, like stats, what you use is really up to you, the ones below are a discussion of what they do and a bit of my opinion on them. (GIF: Anime "KonoSuba") If you want to be someone like her who only spams one skill, I'm not one to judge Acid Demonstration - The bread and butter skill for Geneticists. This is a single target selectable forced neutral long ranged skill that has a 10% chance of breaking your weapon or armor and deals more damage for players with more VIT. Your enemies are bound to have a bit of VIT in order to survive, you will never have to worry about dealing the least damage (unless you get countered via gears). This skill consume 1Acid Bottle and 1Grenade Bottle. Potion Pitcher - The main healing skill of Geneticist. Heal rate is increased depending on the target's VIT, INT along with Increased HP Recovery and Increased SP Recovery. Take note that Lvl 4 Potion Pitch consumes White Potion and Lvl 5 Potion Pitch consumes Blue Potion so make sure you got both on your shortcuts. Full Chemical Protection - The combined chemical protection skill which makes Geneticists a must have in a guild or a party. This buff protects headgear, armor, weapon, garment and shoes from being stripped or broken, which saves a LOT of lives. This skill consume 1Glistening Potion. Cart Boost - The built-in Moonlight + Brazilian Flag Hat that offers max movement speed for Geneticist making them more mobile than the rest. Although the Mechanics get a similar skill from the Whitesmith skill set, Geneticists gets increased ATK from the Cart Boost because of Cart Remodelling. You can't use this skill without a cart. Cart Cannon - This skill is target selectable long range skill that splash 3x3 at max and for those fond of machine guns, this is a good skill overall. This thing is good to counter people using neutral resists to counter Acid Demonstration since the damage can be converted or changed depending on the Cannonball equipped. Also note that it is a Pseudo-neutral skill, making it convertable with elemental converters. Consumes Cannon Balls. NOTE: Sling Item - A single target selectable skill that throws either fruit bombs, increased recovery potions or stat foods depending on what you equipped. One of your major disables. Below are the effects of each bombs and other things that can be thrown. Blood Sucker - attaches a blood sucking plant onto a target and applies fixed damage and restores some of it back to you. This is reliable since it cancels casting as well as cloaking enemies. Consumes 1Bloodsuck Plant Seed. Demonic Fire - an AoE skill that burns the area and has a chance to apply burning stats on those who are caught in it. This skill can be chained with Fire Expansion. Consumes 1Bottle Grenade. Fire Expansion - an extension skill for Demonic Fire which applies different buffs or debuffs depending on the level of the skill used. Set this up whenever you get a chance. The item consumed is also different depending on the level of the skill used. -Lvl 1 - 1Oil Bottle - Increases magic damage and extends the fire duration. -Lvl 2 - 1Explosive Powder - Inflicts Fire magic damage and ends the skill. -Lvl 3 - 1Smoke Powder - aka "Purple Gas", reduces ranged damage and melee damage but increases Flee rate and also extends the duration. -Lvl 4 - 1Tear Gas - aka "Gray Smoke", reduces flee and hit, drains max hp per 2 sec and forces enemies to do /cry emote. It also extends the duration. -Lvl 5 - 1Acid Bottle - it becomes an AoE Acid Demonstration and ends the skill. Hell's Plant - a ground skill that inflict damage in contact that has a chance to apply Bleed or Stun on those who gets damaged by it. A highly offensive skill which is effective for those who are under Pneuma. Consumes 1Plant Bottle. Mandragora Howling - an AoE skill around the caster that applies a debuff that extends Fixed Casting Time along with reducing INT and SP of those who are caught in it. Pretty handy against enemies who likes to close the gap. Consumes 1Mandragora Flowerpot. Cart Tornado - an AoE skill around the caster that deals damage. This is really unreliable since you're going to keep some distance in order not to get rekked by other players. But if you want to spin to win, go for it Wall of Thorn - an AoE ground skill around a single target which damages and pushes those who get in contact by 2 cells. Not really that reliable during WoE. It can be chained by a Fire Property attack and becomes Fire Wall. Consumes 1Thorn Plant Seed. Illusion Doping - an targetable skill that splash around the target dealing damage and causing Hallucination. In terms of reliability, it is reliable but not to the extent that it would really cause that much of a distraction. Consumes 1Alcohol. Spore Explosion - attaches a spore to a target causing more damage once it explodes afterwards dealing also splash damage around the target. A fun skill but in terms of damage its not really that much. Consumes 1Bomb Mushroom Spore. Crazy Weed - an AoE near instant ground skill (near instant meant it last for like a second) that summons a bundle of plants that deals Earth Property damage on the area that sweeps away any ground skill. Really reliable for clearing traps and other land effects. Consumes 1Thorn Plant Seed. Recommended Gears Players often ask what to get and where to get, I'm sure you're one of 'em if you're reading this guide. Well you can check these gears below if it suits your taste. Headgears TOP Emperium Helm [1] - an improved version of the hopping filir hat (WoE Core Equipment Shop @go woe) Hopping Filir Hat [1] - increased potion pitch (see guide Homunculus Thesis Quest to know how to get one) Midgard Serpent Hat [1] - good for spamming with the -10% after cast reduction (EBF Shop at Adventure Guild @go adv) Prism [1] - effect two is good for resist and effect three is good for the true sight effect (check Prism Helm Quest) Dark Lord Helm [1] - all stats +10 and +MAXHP is good for survivability (check Dark Lord Helm Quest) Blessed Valkyrie Helm - stats is love (check Blessed Valkyrie Helm Quest) MID Baron's Evil Eye [1] - that 5% cast delay reduc is good (Pro Hunter Shop at Adventure guild @go adv) Noble Mask [1] - decent stats (check Noble Mask Quest) Royal Dark Flame [1] - improved noble mask (from King Poring) LOWER Rainbow Sash [1]- stats + 5 (enchanting a Nebula's Aura with a 5% success rate of turning into this item) Nebula's Aura [1] - good mdef (check Nebula's Aura Quest) Gentleman's Pipe [1] - demi-human reducs (Quest Coupon Exchanger at Althea) Armor Geffen Magic Robe [1] - go after the -10% after cast delay reduction (from Geffen Magic Tournament) Brynhild [1] - this is a god item that can be slotted and can be enchanted (from Castle Invitation) Garment Archangel Wing [1] / Fallen Angel Wing / Emperium Wing [1] - overall good bonuses Adventurer's Backpack [1] - the bonuses are good (Pro Hunter Shop at Adventure guild @go adv) Nydhogg's Shadow Garb [1] - good elemental resist (from Shadow of Nydhogg) Gigant Snake Skin [1] - hp and sp bonuses are good to pair up with any temporal boots (from Faceworm Queen's Nest) Aesprika - the garment of the gods (from Castle Invitation) Shoes Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] - hp and sp (from doing Energy Crystal Quests at Eden Base 2nd Floor) Temporal Dex Boots [1] - for increased ranged damage + fixed cast reduction. Go with Bear's Power for enchants and paired with Expert Archer (from exchanging Temporal Crystals at the NPC near the entrance of Old Glast Heim) Temporal Str Boots [1] - for increased atk. Go with Bear's Power and Expert Archer (from exchanging Temporal Crystals at the NPC near the entrance of Old Glast Heim) Shield Emperium Buckler [1] - good elemental reducs and bonuses (WoE Core Equipment Shop @go woe) Valkyrie Shield [1] - good elemental reducs if you don't have enough frags for the buckler (from Valkyrie) Immune Shield [1] - good neutral resist (from Belphegor) Mad Bunny [1] - the special one is much better than the original one since it gives reducs. (EBF Shop at Adventure Guild @go adv) Weapon Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] - the red one gives more damage than the blue one and good starting item. (from Naght Sieger) Crimson Saber [2] / Crimson Two-handed Axe [2] - a good alternative. Old Parasol [3] - get the bonuses from this item, and also hope you get lucky with the enchants. (You can't get Expert Archer enchant on this weapon so go with other options) Emperium Sword [3] - good weap overall with good bonuses (WoE Core Weapon Shop @go woe) Emperium Two-Handed Axe [1] - the damage reduction is good enough to cover as a shield (WoE Core Weapon Shop @go woe) Emperium Axe [2] - this works as well but not really that popular. (WoE Core Weapon Shop @go woe) Glorious Flamberge - good because of the bonuses and Slaughter Effect (Glorious Weapon Shop at Battlegrounds Lobby @go bg) Glorious Cleaver - an alternative for the flamberge (Glorious Weapon Shop at Battlegrounds Lobby @go bg) Accessories Royal Earrings [1] - the healing boost along with elemental resist is good (from King Poring) Expert Rings [1] - you get these for the sake of after cast delay reduction Improved Expert Rings [1] - the name says it all, but its just an additional -1% after cast reduction with no penalties Improved Rings - good increase for ATK stat Emperium Clip [1] - increases long range attacks (WoE Core Equipment Shop @go woe) Sets Warmaster's Set - greatly increases overall damage but sacrifices spam rate. (Transcended Gears Shop at Battlegrounds Lobby @go bg) Emperium Set - if you're up to overall resist then this is a must have. You can check some variations of the armor, garment and shoes that will suit your build (WoE Core Equipment Shop @go woe) Glorious Set - immunity to freeze with high resist and high hp and sp also boosts healing. Definitely good for support builds (Glorious Equipment Shop at Battlegrounds Lobby @go bg) Enchants Get Expert Archer Enchants as much as possible, if not go for something that will increase ATK or INT Shadow Sets Reload Shadow Set - gives additional after cast reductions Infinity Shadow Set - ignores size penalty Force Shadow Set - increases ATK Cards Headgear Kiel D-01Card - 30% after cast delay reduction Bacsojin Card - 30% increased healing (works with Potion Pitcher) Dark Pinguicula Card - increases ATK Duneyrr Card - increases ATK Maya Purple Card - grants True Sight Armor Tao Gunka Card - MaxHP + 100% with -50% DEF and MDEF risk Werewolf Card - MaxHP + 50% with neutral resist and -25% DEF and MDEF risk Creator Flamel Card - MaxHP + 25% with after cast delay reduction of 5% Hatii Card - 50% Freeze on attackers Ghostring Card - enchants armor with Ghost Property Angeling Card - enchants armor with Holy Property Marc Card - grants Freeze Immunity Amdarais - grants + ATK and MATK but decreases HP and SP per second Shield Golden Thief Bug Card - grants Magic Immunity Maya Card - reflects single target spells back to caster King Poring Card - grants Light of Protection that blocks most disables for a few second Thara Frog Card - reduces Demi-human damage Garment Assassin Cross Eremes Card - enables Cloaking Lvl 3 Guardian of Darkness Kades Card - elemental resist with risk of getting double damage from Holy and Ghost Farbjodur Card - elemental resist with risk of getting double damage from Neutral Deviling Card - neutral resist with risk of getting double damage from other elementals Noxious Card - reduces ranged attacks and grants additional neutral resist Shoes Amon Ra Card - Auto-casts Kyrie Eleison Boss Ygnizem Cenia Card - grants regeneration per second Weapon Memory of Thanatos Card - ignores DEF of target and each physical attack has Infiltration Effect Incantation Samurai Card - ignores DEF but reduces SP General Daehyon Card - Adds +100 ATK on one-hand sword Stormy Knight Card - grants 20% Freeze chance each attack Drake Card - ignores size penalty Archer Skeleton Card - increases ranged attack Accessories Belphegor Card - wide freeze by 5% chance Smokie Card - Lvl 1 Hide is very handy Errende Ebecee Card - auto-cast Pneuma Gigantes Card - increases ATK Silvering Card - increases ATK Match-ups I'm very sure this is pretty much the reason you checked this guide. If not, at least you read some of it. This is purely based on my experiences and feedbacks are always encouraged. Genetic VS Royal Guard You may think that Geneticists are made to mow down tanks, but this tank may take a while from tanking your damages. With Defending Aura, they can reduce incoming ranged damages from punches to tickles. They can also destroy traps with Earth Drive and Trample. No worries, although it will take a while to take them down, you can still beat them by getting out of melee range and try to spam your skills. Genetic VS Rune Knight Tanks are weird. Although they can tank, they deal insane amount of damage for some reason. Rune knights are good with long range attacks since they can go with Dragon breath and Spiral Pierce which deals insane damages. Although they can pack a punch, it doesn't mean yours isn't gonna hurt them. Keep out of range, and make sure you can trap them as they don't have any way to clear your traps. Genetic VS Warlock You'd think that spamming on them won't work since they're not keenly built on HP, well you're not entirely wrong but you've been looking at it on a different view. Warlocks are glass cannons meaning if you let them setup their combos, you're in a world of hurt. Marsh of the Abyss works even if you have Golden Thief Bug on shield. Don't worry, even though they can really pack a punch that doesn't mean they won't drop from a spam of a few bottles. Make sure to get ahead of them before they can do their thing. Genetic VS Shadow Chaser Genetics are the obvious counter to Shadow Chasers, but don't get too lax as they won't go down without a fight. Most of the time they'd rely on Manhole to catch you then damage you with their other skill and try to wear you down. The way to deal with them is for you to punish them whenever they miss their skills. Genetic VS Sorcerer This is an even match since a Sorcerer is also a versatile class, giving them options to support themselves like you are. To deal with them is to try to dodge their lock skills and try to disable them. If they go for a Wall of Fog, punish them with your AoE skills to force them out of it or remove it if you want to. Genetic VS Mechanic When it comes to speed, your cart is nothing compared to a Madogear. They have Neutral Barrier that blocks all ranged attacks making your bread and butter useless. Don't get discouraged though, you can cancel Neutral Barrier with Crazy Weed. Against HSCR type or Non-Mado Mechanic, its easier to punish them since you are ranged. Genetic VS Guillotine Cross This is a bad match during PvP since they'll do anything to get close to you and that also means the end for you once they do. Oblivion Curse or Leech End and even Magic Mushroom can annoy the heck out of you so to deal with them you should keep a distance and try not to get caught and catch them instead. In WoE, they are pretty easy to deal with due to them not being able to really close the gap if you wear the proper gears. Genetic VS Sura A very annoying match-up if the Sura knows how to place Pneuma. They fly and fly around the map making you chase them and catch you off-guard then go with their combos. To deal with them, you should punish them if they didn't place a Pneuma and try to disable them as much as possible. Genetic VS Rangers The trap masters of the game are annoying indeed especially in coordinated teamfights, but they are very easy to deal with once you get in range. Don't get arrogant though, just like you they'd want to stay out of range as possible so be careful of their skills. Genetic VS Summoner Summoners are the cats, don't get mistaken by their appearances. They maybe cute but they are deadly and tanky too. They also specializes in ranged attacks like you and their weapons are practically unbreakable, but it doesn't mean you're gonna lose without a fight. Try to wear them down and try to know when and for how long does their defensive skills last. Punish them when they get in your range. Afterword I would like to thank the following people who pushed me to make this guide: @Khaii @Shuichi @Kazalus @Gacha @Sanaaa To those who read up to this point of the guide, thank you. To the newbies who looked over this guide. I hope this guide helped you a lot. See you in game IGN: Flamel Emure
  8. Homunculus What are Homunculus? Homunculi are special pets which acts as a support or an instant party member for the Alchemist class. Trivia: How to get a Homunculus? One must complete the Bioethics Quest to unlock the appropriate skills to create a Homunculus. (Much better to talk to the Platinum Skill Npc so you will get the Bioethics) Once you get a Bioethics skill, make sure you have an Embryo on your Inventory and use Call Homunculus. How to get an Embryo You can either make these, purchase from other Alchemists or just buy at the Tool Dealer at Althea (althea 166, 277). To make one, you need to have Prepare Potion along with the following items: Medicine Bowl Glass Tube Morning Dew of Yggdrasil Seed of Life Potion Creation Guide (not consumed) These items can be bought at the Alchemist Guild (alde_alche 35, 179) Note: Types of Homunculi There are 4 types of Homunculi. Comparisons Players often ask "which should I choose?" which kinda reminds you of that time when you picked your first pokemon. Each homunculus offers a different purpose that will suit the players' needs. Not only that but also stats and skills are carried out to Homunculus S. Lif (Demi-human, Starting Stats: 150 HP/40 SP, STR: 12, AGI: 20, VIT: 15, INT: 35, DEX: 24, LUK: 12, Category: Support) If you want something to just walk around Althea with a cute companion, this is a good choice but if you want to use it as a party member, its not. It offers a movement speed boost but that is already covered by Cart Boost. Its stats are low, no burst attack and a useless healing skill therefore using it as base is not really advisable. Amistr (Brute/Animal, Starting Stats: 320 HP/10 SP, STR: 20, AGI: 17, VIT: 35, INT: 11, DEX: 24, LUK: 12, Category: Tank) The best base for a Homunculus S but also hard to feed especially if you choose learning Blood Lust making it loyal requires twice the amount and also lacks offensive skills. Its main selling point is its skill Defense which is valuable since it increases VIT and a certain amount of defense which can be useful in PvP and MVP. Not a pet for those who doesn't like to wait for it to get loyal. Filir (Brute/Animal, Starting Stats: 90 HP/25 SP, STR: 29, AGI: 35, VIT: 9, INT: 8, DEX: 30, LUK: 9, Category: High ASPD/Dodge) A good base due to its skills and offensive stats but suffers from lack of VIT which carries over on your Homunculus S. Other than that, its still a good choice for a base. Vanilmirth (Formless, Starting Stats: 80 HP/11 SP, STR: 11, AGI: 11, VIT: 11, INT: 11, DEX: 11, LUK: 11, Category: Magic) If you can't choose between Filir and Amistr, this is the best option left. Having high VIT and HP and also decent offensive skill although Caprice is random. This is the best homunculus for brewers since their skill Instruction Change increases success rate for brewing. Intimacy Just like your pets, homunculus requires feeding. Always feed the homunculus between 11~25 hunger level so that it gets 1 point of Intimacy. (Well auto-feed option already answers this but you need to at least learn how it works) If one forgets to feed the homunculus, Intimacy will drop and homunculus will leave its master once it gets to 0 Intimacy. Homunculus displays a warning by using emotes. Stat Growth Homunculus' Stat Growth differs from its masters. Here's a chart on how to calculate their stats: Mature Versions Use Stone of Sage once Intimacy gets to Loyal Homunculus S Similar to Digimon or Pokemon or whichever game you prefer, your Homunculus evolves to an improved version which we refer to as Homunculus S. How to get Homunculus S? You can only obtain a Homunculus S by doing the Homunculus S Quest and make sure that your base Homunculus have evolved to its mature form. (Refer to below for the Quest) You also need to fulfill these requirements: Owner must be a Geneticist Homunculus must be evolved into their mature form Homunculus must be at least Level 99 Types of Homunculi S Comparisons Eira Similar to Lif, this is the least popular amongst the choices, but not entirely useless. Most skills require loyalty but they are pretty handy depending on the situation, they might act as life savers like Overed Boost that sets FLEE at 500 and Light of Regenerate that Eira uses to bring owner back to life. Recommended base: Vanilmirth Bayeri Another unpopular choice from the pack. Stein Wand is basically Safety Wall but differs with its duration and number of blocks. Heilage Stange is very bad though as it is interruptable making it useless in battle. Stahl Horn can be used in PvP but Stun and Knockbacks are really unreliable in WoE. Recommended base: Filir or Amistr Sera Very popular pick due to its Pain Killer which massively reduces damage on the owner making it good for tanking. Recommended base: Filir or Vanilmirth Dieter Probably the most popular due to the skills it has to offer. Pyroclastic provides a good damage boost but can break the weapon. Defenses are good when it comes to stats. AOE skills like Magma Flow and Lava Slide makes it very popular. Recommended base: Amistr or Vanilmirth Eleanor A good offensive homunculus but has not much to offer aside from its offensive abilities. It can chain its offensive skills Sonic Claw, Silvervein Rush and Midnight Frenzy. Recommended base: Filir Homunculus S Quest In the Geneticist Guild in Lighthalzen talk to Viorel (job3_gen01 12, 44) Agree to visit Viorel's house and he will warp you inside Talk to him again, and explore the Homunculus Mutation System. He will send you to Jeyna. Talk to Jeyna; She will ask you to check the Magic Board behind her. This will briefly explain the Homunculus S. Talk to Jeyna again. If you agreed, She will transform your Homunculus back to a Strange Embryo. Talk to her again and she will send you to Viorel. Talk to Viorel, he will give you an option for a stabilized mutation for 50,000 zeny or not pay at all for a random unstabilized mutation. Talk to him again to leave the place. AI Sadly I don't have a working AI right now, I'll edit this guide once I manage to get one, but I don't think there's one or if we are encouraged to have an AI of Homunculus, I still have to ask them to the higher ups. Gomen gomen... 😢 CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING YOUR HOMUNCULUS! 😎 PS: I want to thank @Gacha and @Kazalus for helping me. I also like to thank @Pixel for discussing me some things regarding them.
  9. you can also add devilring card for countering neutral damage and also use hiking boots or +12 bayani bangungot boots of nightmare as it is slotted rather than the non slotted version. Also improved earrings for accessory options. Overall, nice guide! good job kaz 👍
  10. thank you sir! I've already reset the look from the control panel. 😊
  11. My warlock crashed on a certain dye number around 10-20 dye number
  12. The cat felt a mixture of different emotions, as he clings for his life against the strong current. Grief from not being able to become one of the chosen ones, confusion as to why it had to happen to him, and hatred to the rat who betrayed him, those were the feelings that filled him as he lose consciousness. He woke up to the chirping of the birds, the sound of rustling branches, and to the smell of a delicious meal placed on the table next to him, with knowing nothing of where he was. As he tries to stand up, he felt a sharp pain in his body as he didn’t recognize the door opened. By the door was the person whom might have saved his life. “Did you have a nice rest?” said by the person as it approached him. The person was a young lady in her twenties, and was more beautiful than any woman he has seen before. As the lady was about to touch him, he jumped to the farther side of the bed. He remembered what happened and his heart was filled with nothing but rage as he glared at the young lady. The young lady smiled and said nothing as she stood up and went away. The angry cat felt the sharp pain in his body again but his desire to get revenge was even stronger. He stood up and opened the window and as he was about to jump, his body failed to respond causing him to fall towards the ground. He woke up again with the lady earlier treating his wounds. He swatted the hand of the lady and backed off again as the bandage rolled to the ground. “The food will get cold. At least eat something first before you leave.” she uttered. The lady once again stood up and grabbed the dropped bandage. “I have seen eyes like yours, eyes that lose sight of what they want to do because they are blinded by their hatred. If you really want to get back at the person who did you wrong, regain your strength first. At this rate you’d lose all the rest of your lives without you noticing. You already died twice and have seven left, wouldn’t it be wise if you lose the other seven trying to win against your enemy?” She said as she smiled and walked away. These words left a deep impression on the cat. He was in denial of his own weakness at first but he accepted that he can’t prove anything with the way he is now. He lived with the lady as he recovers from the injuries, along with that he learned a lot of things regarding the woman who saved his life including her past. Her name was Lee Rin, and she was the local doctor that was both loved and hated by the villagers. Some treat her as a saint; the others treat her as a witch. The cat helped her with her duties from time to time and has grown fond of her. His rage was immediately replaced by feelings he never knew of. He only knows it’s a warm and comfortable feeling. A plague spread throughout the village and it didn’t help with the other villagers thinking she was a witch. The villagers used this as an excuse to get rid of Lee Rin. As the cat returned from getting water for the patients, what he found was a burning house. He ran towards the burning house and tried searching for Lee Rin. He saw her lying by the floor with injuries all over her body as he calls out her name. She was clinging for her life as she touched the cat’s face. “This is the first time you called out my name. Don’t get mad at them. They don’t know what they’re doing.” as she wiped the tears of the cat. The cat carried Lee Rin out of the fire and went to the cherry blossom tree by the river. The cat cried as he tries to treat Lee Rin’s wounds but it was not enough. “I’ve always known you’re not an ordinary cat.” She said as her consciousness slowly fades. She took out a bracelet on her pocket, and gave it to the cat. It was bracelet made out of jade which is not unknown to him. As he watches her cling to life, he remembered a story told by Lee Rin. It was about a boy who she found by a river who had the same eyes as the cat when she found him. He didn’t believe it at first because he found the story odd. The story was about boy who had jade hair and wore ornament from another world with the guy disappearing with a promise to Lee Rin that he would come back. He had his suspicions on the identity of the guy but as he saw the jade bracelet that Lee Rin gave to him. “JADE EMPEROR!” he shouted to the moon as he wiped his tears with new found resolve. He threw away his pride and fears in order to save Lee Rin. “As your faithful servant, I offer the rest of my life just please grant this selfish request of mine. I beg you please save her and reunite her with the one she loved.” He cried as he begged for his last resort. He saw the river current stopping along with the cherry blossoms stopping mid-air. As he lifts his head, he saw a figure that he never expected would personally appear. Standing before him was the Jade Emperor himself, to which stunned him with his majestic appearance. He knelt down and pulled out a bottle from his pocket and made Lee Rin drink. Her life went back to her along with all her wounds getting healed. Lee Rin opened her eyes and saw the cat and the Jade Emperor. Tears ran down her cheeks as she thought she would never see him again. The Jade Emperor grabbed her hand and pulled her towards his body and hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry I made you wait. I am never hesitating again.” He said as he caresses her face. The eunuch along with the other 12 guardians came to follow the Jade Emperor. The emperor rushing towards the call of a mere cat, just to save a person was unheard of inside the Jade Palace. Interfering with the lives of humans along with changing their fates is something that a celestial should never do. What came next was a shock to the Jade Palace and to the cat and Lee Rin. “I’ll take her back as my wife. Do you have any objections?” He asked towards the 12 guardians as well as his eunuch with a resolve in his eyes that he’s ready to throw away everything for the person he loves. Lee Rin and the cat were so shocked of what the Emperor just proclaimed but with lack of objection, the decision became final. The Jade Palace rejoiced at the wedding of the Jade Emperor and their new Jade Empress, Lee Rin. The Emperor gave the cat a helm and assigned him as the first guardian of the Empress instead of becoming a guardian of the Emperor to which the cat didn’t refuse. The cat met the rat but left him a strong warning. “I forgave you already but if you try anything funny to those which I protect, I won’t hesitate on taking you down.” He warned with a grin on his face as he walks away towards the person who showed him happiness. thanks to Gacha, Sharky and Eli for making it possible. (for the prequel of the story about lee rin and the emperor that's for another day :P) DORAM NAME : Ramdo IGN: Flamel Emure
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