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    Going Forward

    A.) Please note that we only punish players based on your reports. You should never expect players to be punished without personaly creating a report.In fact, we haven't recieved a single player report in over 6 months. Please visit our Support Page for more details on how to report a player with our new ticketing system.We've only recieved reports of warp items abuse in WoE lately, which has been adressed on the item effects itself asap.Players that have been actively abusing warping items during WoE have never been reported to us, thus no one has been punished. In addition to the comment
  2. A wise philosopher once said, "I'm so fancy~~~ You already know~~~".
  3. Although I agree that Homunculus needs a bit of adjustment towards the server's rates, I don't agree on your reason behind this. Homunculi differ in roles and even though Amistr is a tank one, it doesn't mean that he should already be able to tank MVPs. First of all your Amistr is at the initial stage. It's not even the Evolved version which has improved stats. Second, its not Homunculus S, which has way better stats and still they differ in roles and if you want something to tank it, it should be Bayeri or Sera. I would suggest working on Homunculus S and have one special
  4. +1 on either reducing the damage or adding a bit of cooldown on the skills. Sura has Low Risk High Reward for a while now due to high mobility and adding damage that they can Body Relocate + Tiger Cannon, Rinse Repeat which often times kills targets in a few attempts leaves really few rooms for counterplay.
  5. Since its for PvM you can also let Mercenaries soak up damage while you get good distance. You can go for that alternative while setting up your traps in PvM.
  6. oh I forgot to reply since I've been quite busy XDD IGN: Flamel Emure hope it still counts XD
  7. Geneticist PvP Guide This guide is all about a discussion of how to do PvP with the class who specializes in wits, speed, and style. If you got lost because you were looking for something else kindly click these links in order to find your ways: Contents: Overview Pros and Cons Stats Skills Recommended Gears Match-ups Afterword Overview Geneticists are the third job advancement of the Alchemists and Biochemists. An all-rounder class that introduces the use of Plants and new Cart Skills. They can
  8. Homunculus What are Homunculus? Homunculi are special pets which acts as a support or an instant party member for the Alchemist class. Trivia: How to get a Homunculus? One must complete the Bioethics Quest to unlock the appropriate skills to create a Homunculus. (Much better to talk to the Platinum Skill Npc so you will get the Bioethics) Once you get a Bioethics skill, make sure you have an Embryo on your Inventory and use Call Homunculus. How to get an Embryo You can either make these, purchase from othe
  9. you can also add devilring card for countering neutral damage and also use hiking boots or +12 bayani bangungot boots of nightmare as it is slotted rather than the non slotted version. Also improved earrings for accessory options. Overall, nice guide! good job kaz 👍
  10. thank you sir! I've already reset the look from the control panel. 😊
  11. My warlock crashed on a certain dye number around 10-20 dye number
  12. The cat felt a mixture of different emotions, as he clings for his life against the strong current. Grief from not being able to become one of the chosen ones, confusion as to why it had to happen to him, and hatred to the rat who betrayed him, those were the feelings that filled him as he lose consciousness. He woke up to the chirping of the birds, the sound of rustling branches, and to the smell of a delicious meal placed on the table next to him, with knowing nothing of where he was. As he tries to stand up, he felt a sharp pain in his body as he didn’t recognize the door ope
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