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  1. I've gotten guild lead twice now until the next woe for the two different schedules and I've never come across this issue. Hmmm
  2. Thank you for the guide fat Khai <3
  3. Aren't the WoE sets the sets for newbies? I mean just the name of those sets imply something more than just newbie stuff haha. I'm just waiting for Ray's reply, cause full set in less than 3 weeks, and all sets in less than 8 months. Still faster to get than Emp set haha. At least make it a bit more challenging to obtain, warmaster/execution/battlelord.
  4. Thank you for clearing it up about how the formula for the further refine actually works. What do you think about the amount of time it takes to get the complete set? Was that your actual intention, for the set to be able to be completed within less than a month? o:
  5. So, the Emp Set is defensive and the BG sets are offensive? But the BG sets give good redux too with good additional dmg to skills that can be considered the 'bread and butter' of many classes. I barely count being able to use a set for all characters that you play as an 'advantage' versus having easy to get BG sets with all these choices. (Cause by the time you have Emp Set, you'd prolly have all the BG sets anyway lol) Honestly, I'd just choose the bg set over the emp set all day, just put them side by side for any class and watch the emp set be put to shame. (It's not like it's hard to get these items to +10 either, lol). Isn't that weird? I know we all have our own self-interest in mind (especially since we all benefit from these buffed skills by these sets), but you have to agree that there is a very valid point with the numbers I've shown on the original post. Who wouldn't want that extra tasty damage and redux compared to a little dmg and some redux? You guys own emp sets, you tell me which you prefer to use (all effects considered for your main classes and all). All in ideally less than three weeks, why wait 8 weeks for an Emp set.
  6. This weapon right? It says weapon type is dagger, so I don't think it will work. There's a Balmung that's sword type, but it has no slots xD
  7. Except even during the weekdays, people can find time to do BG (even in between work, right?) because you don't have to sit a full 2 hours (can do BG now, then later and later more before reset) in front of your PC to maximize the amount of badges you can get. Just by getting 5 wins you can get enough badges to get your whole set. Assume 30 badges per win. 5 wins = 30*5, 150 150 + 5 wins bonus = 250 250 badges a day by just playing only for the wins, not even aiming for max. Surely the person aiming for this would still lose a little, thus earning him some more amounts of frags to be earning around ~300 badges a day. EDIT: We can agree that regardless of whether it's only for weekends or not, BG set is easier to get than WoE set and for all the options that it provides too.
  8. DISCLAIMER: If you don't want to read all this, jump to the part that says TL;DR Is there any particular reason why the BG sets are far superior compared to the Emp Set? I don't own any atm, so my opinion comes from an outside perspective of concern and curiosity. I find it weird that a rarer set, which can be more difficult to get, pales in comparison with a set that's fairly easy to obtain. To obtain Emp Set: Complete set (just armor, garment and boots) would take 1,600 fragments. People on average get 14-40 fragments per woe, some good dps and healers get 40-60, per maximum of 4 times a week. (Let's assume 50 frags for best case, and 14 frags for worst case) In best case: 1,600 fragments, if you get 50 frags per WoE, will take 32 WoE's or 8 weeks, which is ~2 months to get the complete WoE set. In worst case: 1,600 fragments, if you get 14 frags per WoE, will take ~114 WoE's, or ~29 weeks, which is ~8 months to get the complete WoE set. To obtain BG Set (Warmaster / Executioner / Battlelord): Complete set would take 10,500 badges. People on average get 300-400 badges a day (w/ 5 wins), and at best 600 badges a day (600 limit), 700 if we included the +100 from 5 wins with the limit. (We'll assume 600 badges for best, and 300 for worst) In best case: 10,500 badges, if you get 600 badges a day, will take 18 days, which is more than two weeks but less than a month, to get the whole set. In worst case: 10,500 badges, if you get 300 badges a day, will take 35 days, which is less than 2 months, to get the whole set. TL;DR I'm just curious how these decisions were made by the GM team, or if anyone can rationalize why this seems crazily weird (to me, specially). Normally, it follows that a set that's harder to get would provide more benefits (or more options lol), but most people will tell you that the current BG sets mentioned above, are better than the Emp Set. I want to know the opinion of the more experienced players regarding this topic. What are the pro's and cons of each? Thanks a lot!
  9. Tuna

    Shadow walk[1]

    Woah, it's true. Checked both the items on our database and on rms. The script on rms is the same we have on the gatheringRO database, { bonus bMdef,10; },{},{} That sucks.
  10. Did you try using novices? XD
  11. Thanks Everade! Just wanted the reason to be out there so people won't think it was a ninja update
  12. It's probably the best time for someone *cough, cough* @Everade *cough,cough* to come out here and address this publicly.
  13. Hahaha thank you Gelman <3
  14. Yeah, could take the map file and open it up in the editor and remove it, recompile, and load into the game. Let's see what fat @Everade has to say about it ;P
  15. Hahaha. That's funny. But I think object models are part of the map, if he were to remove it, he'd have to remake the map (or have someone to do it). That's what I remember from map making back in the day anyway xD
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