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  1. ADMIN do  pm me i got a lot of suggestions im a old player here and coming back again to play my favorite RAGNA.... my IG: Try For Fun



    1. Everade


      Feel free to post your suggestion in our forums ;)

      And welcome back to GatheringRO!

    2. Try For Fun

      Try For Fun

      ADMIN how can i mesage you in PRIVATE???

    3. Everade


      Go to my forum profile and click on the "Message" button.

  2. Do pm me my IG is Try For Fun im a old player here and its nice to see back that there a lot of players around again... im so happy to see this RO again...by the way ADMIN i would like to present my self as a EVENT GM if you would mine and ofcourse to invite more PLAYERS..... cause i NOTICE that theres no GM online everyday.. and also im 2 days online everyday and i dont have a work i really apreciate if youll get me as ur GM team.... and help you guyz... ill be active as GM... always see also players and fix problems... hoping to
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