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  1. Soul Linkers can't equip it even it said "All jobs except Novice"?
  2. I see. I checked Divine-Pride for the Soul Reaper skills and compare it to Kro and some max lv of skills were changed in Divine-Pride... part of the Job Improvement Projects?
  3. Okay... I noticed that Tetra Vortex has a max lv 10 but I can only bump it up to 5... So does that mean when the patch comes in, some skills will have some readjustments? Because I checked Divine-Pride and saw the Warlock's "Summon Balls" skills got down to max lv 2 from 5.
  4. Has those classes been added yet?
  5. I spoke to a fellow Soul Linker and she said the max Job Level of the mentioned job is 120... So why did I stop gaining Job EXP at 80?!
  6. I was doing the Ranger Job Change test to get it's sweet headgear. When I reach the thrid test, which require me to be 'Stone Cursed' and letting my merc wolf do the attacking, I tried to click on the targets but the puppy didn't move. Tried the CTRL + leftclick and still nothing. Is this a bug in the system?
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