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  1. Chingu

    The Sign

    Dance quest is still bugged
  2. Yeah, its not working properly
  3. It has no animation when the /effect command is off. Thank you
  4. Yeah, i also experience this lag. Specially when woe time, even though i have good connection, im still getting lag
  5. I can see that my masquerade is being block by agi tho. Its just when the user or the skiller has a higher agi than the receiver, it will basically be masquerade at a very high chance.
  6. I already have the same problem with Raphael. i only got 15 and said i already got 600
  7. Try to uninstall your client. i will take a few minutes tho but im sure it will be fine as soon as your reinstall it.
  8. Chingu

    Riddle Event

    My Answer is 1202. Madonna=1500 Buddy holly=1100 David bowie=1007 I add the total fans of the 3 to get this answer=3607 And i Divided it to 3 to get the 1202 answer. I hate math tho hahaha
  9. Poison bottle should be disabling the suicide effect when using it
  10. Feint Bomb's back slide effect while using brynhild is still not working. Hahaha
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