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  1. Since its no longer spammable easily, sounds pretty appropriate to me!
  2. Thats because its either the gimmick of the boss (Morocc) or they have access to the NPC AgiUp skill which can be dispelled but is insanely strong. These are official (im pretty sure) why would we change :0
  3. Cram those meals into your mouth before entering! Also genetic foods are usable since they dont have an attached healing effect.
  4. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. AceWindstorm

    PM Bug?

    Picture pretty much says it all. I get PMs from someone not on my FL and it says this everytime they message me.
  6. Can we have some insight to the changes? Is this impacting the HP ratio, the atk ratio, or what? Also maybe once I am not pvp noob sura will seem weak
  7. Its been quite some time since this happened but only recently have I started using the pulling strategy to get him to come to the front, so I think its safe to say that there is some sort of issue going on in there. I think its probably not that big of a deal though as the pulling strategy is a lot smarter than repeat suicides...
  8. Honestly, this is one of the best things about Ragnarok in my opinion, especially so here. Sometimes learning from other people about something COMPLETELY changes the way you think about the game and how you play. I have had it happen many times, especially back when healing items were disabled, it became more about "how can we as team AND individually get in a position to survive" instead of "lol eat 1 of my 3000 ygg berry/steel body sura eat ygg hit boss XD" and that totally changed the way me and my friends played the game. And even though we've never had a real support (sura had and still has some supportive abilities, occasionally we had one friend play gene), we were still able to work around things and get things done by compensating with things like the Pimp/Luxury Hats to revive allies or by switching up stat builds/cards. Even when we only played as a Ranger + RG duo we still could make things work, even in ET, once we got the right gears and cards from other places (solo or party). Look forward to seeing you around for parties
  9. If I remember correctly this all has to deal with some weird Renewal vs Pre-Renewal stuff based on what map it is in, and thankfully the amount of maps that this happens on is comparatively VERY small. Pretty much, it reduces your damage by a factor of 10 for most skills. Might be tied to the way defense is calculated, and thats why its variable everywhere? But honestly I dont know. Since it isnt really a problem (who is sharpshooting things in alt_fild02? who is even using sharpshooting right now XD) I personally am pretty ok with it staying that way until we get an official fix
  10. I think a lot of this is good, but I would just like to point out a few things! Both good and bad. 1. Ghost Palace, Room of Consciousness, and Geffen Magic Tournament are solo only, and Ghost Palace is the only one that you dont have access to healing effects in. 2. We do have party based loot so thats cool already! Less work if there was to be a change and it wouldnt hurt anyone. 3. Even right now, soloing instances is possible on almost any class through mercenary usage (except for Sealed Shrine which requires a Geneticist). Letting people use things like berries just makes it easier but its still there right now. 4. I dont think soloing instances is bad in general, but in the past when it was really mainstream and when I was still new to gRO it was literally impossible to find a party EVER even with the much higher population. Thats why I recruited my friends to try out RO for the first time with me. Nobody wanted to party even with shared loot because they just prefer to do it whenever they wanted and however they wanted (just like you). New players who are too weak wouldnt be able to do this and makes it much harder on them to get some of the instance gear like Temporal Boots, or Gigant Snakeskins. 5. Hard mode instances sounds neat but I think we would have to be careful about what we are raising drop rates of. Also maybe new cards? Could be cool 6. Whats the point of support classes when you have berries (even if they are a 5 second cooldown). Buffs? Some damage? Why bother when you would be better off as another class. Resurrection would almost never get used, tanks/melee classes have no reason to take GTB off so we are even further removing support classes impact and they would have no purpose to heal, so they only buff a few party members and do damage. and theres probably some more stuff I havent thought of just yet. Both sides have problems, but with that being said I personally would be okay with re-enabling healing items if for no other reason than to try it out and see what its like for everyone. Its been quite a few years and we have got some new things, so maybe it wouldnt be as bad now? I just have my doubts about it because most instances would turn into worldboss fights, where theres 8+ DPSers and a single tank wearing devilring+gtb using berries whenever they get low hp and nobody has to do anything clever or interesting like pulling Amdarais to the stairs to avoid mobs, or kiting Faceworm Queen around to avoid poison fields. Still though I would like to say again that I think we should try
  11. I think the issue is that Judex is also AoE, and essentially fills the same role at a lower cost (no gemstone) while also not having a cooldown, therefore having greater potential than Adoramus even when you wear gears that sacrifice flexibility such as the Affection set to boost it. May as well just wear 2 kiels and gigaspam Judex when its cheaper in every way and can outdo the long cooldown skills damage.
  12. I think this is probably a good idea, somewhere between 30-35% damage increase overall seems like adoramus will then be worth using alongside judex. Adoramus has a cooldown so it and gem cost, so it should do more damage compared to just spamming judex. I looked around a ton for potential gears to boost Adoramus/Judex or any skill changes or anything but we dont any of either of those things, yet! I feel like if those come out, the changes should be reverted. P.S This is what some of the crazy shadow gear in the future looks like. None of those silly 1-5% bonuses.
  13. Old thread but I was just looking through posts, figured I should say that the rock ridge weapons should all be there now, as drops from various buffalo bandits!
  14. Alright wellllllllllllllllllll then i guess its working as intended? If thats how the items bonuses work, the only issue is the wacky damage variance on certain maps which was explained earlier.
  15. Adding on to Demon, when you go into the Buwaya instance his whole thing is "his deadly box attack" in which he warps all players (dead or alive) into the small box part of the map. Any dead players are revived with very little HP and suffer the poison/bleeding as normal. This allows the instance to be completed because its almost impossible (from what I know) to survive Buwaya for more than 10-15 seconds as a tank. I imagine its possible to survive longer with a more niche setup. Mainly though this allows the DPS to focus on doing damage while tanks can draw buwaya away, but dying is inevitable unless he decides to rewarp you very quickly (which is possible and based on people staggering out of the box can happen even before being able to hit him).
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