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  1. From the screen shot, it looks like the gx is not using any weapon. The atk of the weapon you have is a big factor. In my rough computation, you need to have at least 400+ atk to be able to match the imp ring with 200 str the equation I used is : [1.05 * X = X + 20] and solving: [X = 400] (weapon atk and upgrade atk) note: *the 1.05 is for the emp glove and the +20 is for the imp ring at assumed 200 str *both accessory has +3 str (I am not sure with imp ring, I based the +3 stat from my imp neck) and is just removed for simplification purpose, *the bronzering card also removed for simplification purpose. To further explain here is an example. + 0 grimtooth (180 atk, 2 slots) vs a + 0 scalpel (120 atk, 3 slots) to be carded with +20% increase in damage like hydra card for grimtooth : 180 * 1.4 = 252 for scalpel : 120 * 1.6 = 192 In conclusion. % increase (like emp glove) benefits more with weapon that has high attack while +attack (like imp ring) benefit more to weapon with low attack, assuming the same str Unless the 5% increase of emp glove is directly affecting the final damage which is most observed in skills. In my opinion the emp gloves should be improved a bit more, like adding aspd or a little more increase in damage
  2. You should try using a weapon with a moderate to large attack since it is like multipying 100 by 1.05 against adding 100 by 20. In my opinion, the imp ring additional atk looks better (with 200 str) unless you have a weapon with a large attack.
  3. the ancient gold deco is calculated like that ;an increase of 10% to the final damage but i think the racial and atk increase isn't applied directly like that, as an example: your attack is in your stats window is 50 + 50 the left side is status attack and the right side is the sum of weapon attack and other attacks - only the weapon attack is increased by racial, size, element , atk +/% cards using the +11 cat ear beret your attack would be 50 + (50*1.06*1.05) = 105.65 - if the +5% is added like racial cards or (50 + (50*1.06))*1.05 = 108.15 - if 5% is directly affecting final damage and using the ancient gold deco your attack will be (50 + 50)*1.1 = 110 I am not sure 100% if this is right but I think the idea is close to this
  4. Yes, I believe the guild absorbs those exp I'll use my guild as an example (boss hunt today), in the ranking it says I have 2,918,203,988,404 exp. After killing an Atroce it became 2,918,245,418,963. And after killing a mob in abbey02 it became 2,918,568,823,963.
  5. Well there are those effective methods of killing the beelze. But i want to point out hit for physical skill damage characters (excluding genetic cart cannon as it ignores flee rate). Well I just want to minimize the stats I place to both dex and luk and I believe beelze is a good reference on how much of those stats I need for 100% hit on certain monsters.
  6. For the guild rankings, the max number that can be viewed in game that we can see is not the actual guild experience. 2,147,483,647 is the max number that can be represented by a 32-bit two's complement, according to this source: https://community.oracle.com/thread/2124366. So when you look at your character tax point and the total exp of your guild it will both show just the value of 2,147,483,647 exp. when it could have been more. Idk for the player ranking, was wondering about that myself
  7. I was killing beelzebub using overbrand and I often miss. I have a 614 hit and brionac as a weapon According to the monster table from ratemyserver, hit 100% for the true form is 596 but is only level 147. And according to @mi, the true form has 583 flee and is level 247. Stats from ratemyserver and @mi are the same except for str (236 for rms and 6 for @mi) The formula of hit according to irowiki is [100 + PlayerHit - HitRequiredFor100%]%. The resulting hit chance for both exceeds 100%. But I still miss Deriving the value of 596 (from rms) yields the equation flee = 200 + baselevel + agi + floor(luk/5) from the following given: lvl 147 , agi 236 and luk 66 With the same agi and' luk but at lvl 247, I tried to derive the 583 (from @mi) and the equaton I ended up with is flee = 100 + baselevel + agi my observation: *Value should be larger considering the 100 level difference *luk was not considered Is there something wrong with @mi? Thanks in advance
  8. Also, maybe you are wearing a battle hook since you mentioned level 3 pierce, remove it while you are adding skill points.
  9. Sorcerers can/almost instant cast using the Call Ventus and using Spirit Control Level 1. And don't forget to have a total of 530 points for 2*dex + int.
  10. me too, lost most of mine
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