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  1. I've always been one to chunk DEX along with my LUK, but I've never tried the double hydra/paper compound for melee-purposes. I've mostly relied on Meteor Assault, Throw Venom Dagger (on servers where EDP actually carries to the dagger damage), Sonic Blow (if I'm CRIT/DEX Katar build), and Throw Sand; I don't think I've experimented with how cards effect Soul Breaker damage, so that's still up for debate. I'll give that double hydra/paper thing a try later. Dagger/off Blade DEX SinX > everything
  2. Going off what TheOne said: It'd be wiser to use three Hydras and a Skeleton Worker (it's always done the most damage for me, PvP-wise), rather than two Hydras and Papers (Papers are pointless if you can't crit all the time). Not to mention... Hydras/Skeleton Workers also carry their damage bonuses to skills in case you need to use them; The Paper card doesn't.
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