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  1. You're opening the Korean RO one, not the gRO patcher
  2. Damn how about Bacso and Lux
  3. Can anyone please help me suggest any good builds for an FS AB?
  4. Erina

    Pc> Mvp Cards

    Oh my. Thank you very much
  5. Will there be an part 2, addition of costumes and wings in the cash shop please <3 Love you Everade
  6. Erina

    Pc> Mvp Cards

    Price check this items please Tao Bacso Amon Paladin Randgris Thanks
  7. What is new to gRO? It's been a while since i played any online games. How are the costumes here? How can i make a costume? What are the gears for Arch Bishop and Sorcerer? What is the source of money now? In my time, it was Mythrils and Valk Flowers
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