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  1. Damn Donation errors, It says error. But the money got deducted on my bank acc

    1. Everade


      We haven't recieved any donations lately, please check your paypal account balance.

  2. You're opening the Korean RO one, not the gRO patcher
  3. Damn how about Bacso and Lux
  4. Why is no one answering no my bug tracker topic about Mora. Gosh

    1. raphaelluigi


      Please have some tons of patience. No one replied to your topic doesn't mean that the GM's are not looking into it. There are currently 3 or 4 people running the server and a lot of topic/bug are being fixed prior to your post.

    2. Hersheys


      People already replied there

    3. Erina


      Just saw it.


  5. God there's something wrong with the Mora ring exchane NPC

    1. LKshaye


      i dont know if i am wrong or so, i think mora isnt fix atm. well ask ppl who always do this quest

    2. Erina
  6. Can anyone please help me suggest any good builds for an FS AB?
  7. Erina

    Pc> Mvp Cards

    Oh my. Thank you very much
  8. Please answer my PC thread. Thankie >

  9. Will there be an part 2, addition of costumes and wings in the cash shop please <3 Love you Everade
  10. Erina

    Pc> Mvp Cards

    Price check this items please Tao Bacso Amon Paladin Randgris Thanks
  11. What is new to gRO? It's been a while since i played any online games. How are the costumes here? How can i make a costume? What are the gears for Arch Bishop and Sorcerer? What is the source of money now? In my time, it was Mythrils and Valk Flowers
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