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  1. 2018 Christmas Update Merry Christmas Everyone~!! Active Rangers on the spot
  2. Fred

    Arrow Unequipped

    I see. thanks for the info
  3. Fred

    Arrow Unequipped

    when switching an weapon or other equipment the arrow will unequip eventually is this officail? or bug? thank you for feedback
  4. Fred

    Found bug

    New update for this month of december my arrow always unequip most of the time when doing a switch from the equipments and most of the player right now feel the lag
  5. Fred

    Replay Error

    Hoping this will help the server. Thank you again. And have a good day.
  6. Fred

    Replay Error

    Okay thanks everade for the info. i'll do adjust myself then. More power~! keep rising server.. 👍
  7. Fred

    Replay Error

    Want to check some of my recorded video . 2 video have problem 4 Error need to remove Please help. Thanks for feedback~
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