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  1. Yo! Lipton, about the event, post it in forums now lol. So they'll know and might prepare for it. Thanks~ Izumi here.

  2. I want to get back to the old times were cards are so cheap and some items, Lol ! :D

    1. jsum90


      The cards and items are much more cheaper than the oldtimes. its just we have zenny currency wayback before it was mith coins. However, we have a few mvp farmers today and thats why some stuff are overpriced. 

  3. neves, does frost joke can be countered by refresh ?
  4. I saw some of the newbie players getting stuck on leveling up. They got bored so fast in leveling up so they quitted, like my friend, so I make this guide. In this guide, it will helps you how to level up fast on different classes (maybe? Lol) and also to know how to use some important commands in this server. Also getting know on RO. I hope this guide will help you. Ok! Lets start. Getting Started After you make your own character, automatically you will spawn on the ship in izlude. To get rid of that, just talk to Captain Carroc right next to you. Spam ent
  5. Deemo

    Diamond Dust

    Does land protector blocks diamond dust ?
  6. what time does event ends ?

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    2. Deemo


      Everade, Can I make a guide even if it is existed ?

    3. Everade


      Yes, as written in the event information.
      You are allowed to do so.
      But make sure that it is worth it by being up to date with the latest information.
      And create a much better guide (higher quality).
      Being original is key, so don't steal anything from the old one. (no plagiarism)

      However, we would prefer new guides about all the new features gRO has to offer.

    4. Deemo


      :) ok ok ! thanks 

  7. Does anyone here know how to get Black Tea Kochakaden Hat or the Blue Minstrel Hat ?

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    2. Everade


      You will need Silver Gathering Coins only

    3. Deemo
    4. Everade


      Updated the guide ;)

  8. Deemo

    Babies Vs Mvps

    Party Name: Monsters Members: BlackStar54 (Baby Hunter) Aurelion SoI (Baby Crusader) Baby Deshawn (Baby Priest) Party Name: Monsters Members: BlackStar54 (Baby Hunter) Aurelion SoI (Baby Crusader) Baby Deshawn (Baby Priest)
  9. Deemo

    Babies Vs Mvps

    Deadline of registration sir ?
  10. Deemo

    Babies Vs Mvps

    Pretty much cool huh !
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