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  1. yeah been like that whole day
  2. I can't earn any badges from 428++ onwards even though it says that you can earn up to 500 badges per day for our BG? D:
  3. No no not 50k rather 50% can I know the computation for the dmg reduction? without gods a normal RG will do a damage of 8,000.00 - 10,000.00 OB damage even with descent equips what was the bench mark for this damage reduction? now compare that to a sura without gods and with descent equips, he can easily land 10,000.00 - 30,000.00 damage.
  4. White Imprison does not work on players with GTB even if you are wearing a GRB card
  5. 50% dmg reduc for ob? whats the computation and basis for this? why nerf the only good offensive rg skil?
  6. Looking forward to another decade <3
  7. yeah even the death via use of poison bottle is not counted as well.. sadly they spam SD then use poison bottle equal no death counted <3 <3
  8. Well if you compute yours its actually right (tried it myself)
  9. I think the question was how many cherries were needed, not how much weight is needed to make scale 3 balance.
  10. Legend: Fruit/ Value: Apple = 9.00 Cherry = 2.00 Banana = 5.00 Given the scale A Left Scale Right Scale Apple = 1pc * 9 = 9 + Cherries = 3pc * 2 = 6 Banana = 3pcs * 5 = 15 [1pc. Apple's Value/ Weight 9 + 3pcs. Cherries Value/ Weight 6 = 15 = Banana's Value/Weight = 15] making it equal/balance Given the scale B Left Scale
  11. Oh, By the way may I know the specs of your PC/laptop? Even though I'm using the stock gpu of my motherboard, I'm able to run to gRO at a smooth pace since R.O. shouldn't eat up a lot in the video part. One more good idea is to downgrade the existing AMD software to a later/earlier version, this solves some of my problems in my NVIDIA gpu since the new update may affect some of the components needed by gRO.exe since the new update for the AMD software will now support dx12 games/ softwares.
  12. I think so, through the database of the server itself, it is traceable thru Character No., you need some permissions to view it though from the admin so they can hook it up
  13. Oh trolololol! Nab me By the way here's a website or link that helps your troubleshoot your error and teaches you about what may be the causes of your error which is : The Procedure Entry Point Minidumpwritedump Could Not Be Located In The Dynamic Library C:/windows/system32/dlumd9.dllRead the site and I think there may be some tips and instructions that you need to verify in order to pinpoint your missing dlumd9.dll, well most of the errors that cause your dlumd9.dll to be missing is by hardware, software or viruses. There's a step by step instructions on how to check your error at the
  14. As per what he said, you can also 1. Right click the program then run as administrator 2. Can you check your gatheringRO folder if it has the dbghelp.dll file in it? If not, check your system directory is C:\Windows\System32 for the dbghelp.dll and copy it to your gatheringRO folder. (got the source from another game) 3. Run program with compatibility mode and find a OS that may suit your program
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