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  1. Hello Dear Santa, My name is CallMeTams in game and my real name is civoid , I'm only 22 years of age and i'm a college student taking up Computer Science 3rd year not that handsome and most of all single ready to be mingle just kidding santa. Love this game so much and also your GM's. I am writing to ask for the rainbow sash. I really want this item because I know that I would spend so much time playing gathering ragnarok with it. I promise that i will give all my loving supports for this game share my knowledge with other and new players of this server, gathering RO makes me feel like young again I think it's a kind of pill that makes your youth come back. I would also like to thank you for all of the awesome presents that you have given me before. like many mvp's, items, and etc.. thank you for your Good loving heart and thanks to the creators and GM of this game this game rules the whole world for me. Thanks Gm Toy for the SOA that i last won, GM abril, GM Ren, GM Shuichi for giving a good event and To the main admin GM Everade thank you sir for making this game it really is a good kicking game and to other Gm's that i did not mentioned thank you so much and may you all have a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year! Yours truly CallMeTams ! (Civoid) P.S. Please say hello to everyone at the North Pole. I am excited to see what is under the tree this year. and please give our GM's the best ever gift that they had in mind this year! Now signing of for 2014
  2. Can anyone help me what items, and stats should i use for RG not only for mvp hunting for woe and pvp also. And what mvp cards should i use for good damage i like high hp and has good damage and reducs.
  3. civoid


    guys my premium account just expired now i can't open my rentstorage how can i get my items in it any suggestions I don't need premium anymore and i don't have money for it.
  4. civoid


    Gm i just finish the quest for nebula aura mid/low slotted? then i want to create a sash then it got broken after it failed is this possible then some players said that it was not slotted but my nebula mid/low was slotted after finishing the quest for it is this a bug or something please answer my question i've been farming valkyrian flowers for a month just to finish this quest then it got broken.
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