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  1. "There maybe plenty of fish in the sea, but in the meantime, i'm just holding holding my rod against these Brute/Cute friends (Sasquatch,Leib Olmai, Poporing, Bigfoot) and be patiently waiting for my luck ".... IGN: Ultimyr "So i'm not the only one that's excited to caught some fish, some big hungry fellas are also waiting." Wth.
  2. Having the same problem~ Just trying to visit my account
  3. Before you mark yourself as the best answer in a thread and not read any more posts in it, hear us out. We know. That wasn't our point. We're talking about loyalty requirement, not loyalty currency. You do realize that it takes 50 KILLS to gain 1 loyalty point right? 50 KILLS that the mercenary has to land the killing blow. If the player and the mercenary both attack a monster and the monster dies from the player's hit, the mercenary gets no loyalty point. Don't believe me? Try it in-game and see. You put the loyalty requirement to be 30 in order to get a 9th grade mercenary. The math: it would take 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) kills for you to get 30 loyalty points. 1,500 times the mercenary has to land the killing blow. Even if it were changed that the the mercenary will gain loyalty points from the player killing monsters, that's still a whooping 1,500 kills! To top it off there's a bug that if you want to get more than 1 scroll at a time and buy the max 10 scrolls at once, get this: you'll need 300 loyalty points for 9th grade mercenaries. You'll need the mercenary to kill 15,000 high level monsters to get that much loyalty points. And that's just for one type of mercenary. Archer, Spear, and Sword mercenaries all have separate loyalties. Want access to all level 9 mercenaries? You'll need 30 loyalty for each type. That will take 4,500 monsters to kill. Want to buy 10 scrolls of each 9th grade? That will be 45,000 kills needed. All of which the mercenary has to deal the killing blow. What did we need to do in order to have this before this change? Just a small amount of zeny. Do you see how tremendous the effort needed now compared to just a few days ago? Every 30 minutes that the mercenary stays alive will also be 1 loyalty point, so maybe it would take 1,300 kills instead if it took you 2 hours to do that. Also remember that the monster level required for it, to be a valid loyalty point kill, goes higher, the higher the level of the player reaches. No the mercenary can't just kill a mob of low level monsters. Check the monsters levels at the higher end of this list (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=misc_table_mobexp&op=2&re=1). Doesn't require a lot of effort? Please try it in the game and video it and see how long it takes you, and then show it to the server to prove your point that it doesn't take a lot of effort. Do it with a non-GM character starting from level 1 up to 3rd job 250/120. And then ask yourself, not as a GM, but as an average player. Why would a player go through this? Versus being readily available before? Truly ponder on this. Where's the incentive of going through all this effort? Please do this and prove us all wrong. Okay so let's say you went through all that effort and you now have 30 loyalty points. Wait, you actually wen't above and beyond that effort and got 40 loyalty points. Great! Now you can buy 9th grade mercenaries. You can buy an infinite amount of 9th grade mercenaries. You're already level 250 by the time you killed so many monsters though. And again ask yourself, why would a new player want to go through that? Defeats one of the main purposes (not the only purpose) of mercenaries right? To help level up? You'd be already 250 before you kill 1,300 monsters don't you think? The majority of mercenary users are newbies after all. Rarely anyone uses 10th grade if anyone at all. From who we know it's apparently just Ace. Good for him. In order to make getting 10th grade easier, all the other players that use 7th to 9th now have to go through so much effort now when a few days ago all you needed was some zeny and to click the NPC. Of course, no one's forcing us to buy mercenaries but that's not the point at all.
  4. UP. +1 for Suggestion No. 2 Please Revert it back to before the update so that Mechanics can use all active skills from cards.
  5. Thank you Admin! Good update!
  6. Hi I'm Yzo IGN: Yzobel Here is my favorite fishing spot. Located at Brasilis! It's beautiful and and relaxing features, where plants and trees grow huge and the climate is somewhat tropical. It is a fine location for an adventurer like me where you can somehow relax and unwind.
  7. Please check also for Celine's Ribbon! Thank you @Rayleigh and @Everade! More Power!
  8. Yzobel

    Guild Storage

    Sorry already done. Closed.
  9. Yzobel

    Guild Storage

    The Guild Leader i'm using yet i still can't open. thanks in advance
  10. Yzobel

    Ranger for Newbies

    Good guide Gacha! Too bad only few of population just looking at these guides nowadays! Anyway it's much better to help them here and online!
  11. Or Look for Gacha and he will donate those items for you = "Free" Cost haha! ❤️ Nice Guide!
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