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  1. i just play back this game for 4 days..im quite lost here bout what to do...i mean b4 i just voting n doing some quest...can u suggest me what to do bout new update n quest...not many new guide here... sincerely lost boy..
  2. ok i think eunjung need to be improvised..thx for guide bruh.
  3. i was thinking play my lk with spiral pierce build but still didnt get right build..can someone help me...
  4. got same problem but solved it after few tries..try n error i think.m
  5. since beastboy not avalaible right now.....just wondering if this formula still applicable....
  6. hurm....that problem from years ago.......😢
  7. Do 45 minutes just warping??quite challenging...xD
  8. just wanna ask how much time you need when collecting that jewel...xD not lazy but busy person..hehe
  9. ParkChoRong

    My ?

    Lhz_dun02 150 150 and welcome to lhz_dun03
  10. after 00.00 you can access the castle for treasure.....at anytime....but not in woe time...
  11. Yoir problem is time maybe....hahaha...must be past 2400...
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