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  1. So this has been the most active thread on the forums for a while, speaks volumes about the current state of the server
  2. Most items with untranslated descriptions retain their effect; that includes usable items, cards and equipment
  3. Frus


    Splendide > bif_fild01 > Hazy Forest (instanced dungeon) > bif_fild02 > Mora or you might just want to type @warp mora, perhaps?
  4. Frus

    Major Bug Fixes

    Graveyards are still there =P Several level 3/4 weapons (Grimtooth, Poison Knife, Moonlight Dagger, Assassin Dagger, Sucsamad, Azoth, Bazerald and possibly more) still can't be dropped/traded
  5. Defender only reduces physical ranged attacks - it's never worked against magic
  6. Most of the items included in my previous report are now working as they should (thank you!) Here's a few more (missing/wrong effect in red) : Bible of Promise Vol.2 A book of hymns used at church proceedings. It's said to have been very popular when it was first printed. MDEF + 5. Allows casting of "Odin's Power Lv2". Increases heal power by 5%. Odin's Power can't be casted/dragged to the skill bars Scarlet-nail Chance to Curse yourself when dealing physical damage. Chance increased depending on refine rate. MATK + 80. The item description is all wrong and needs to be changed. The dag
  7. Are you sure you started the quest properly and followed every step? Typing @warp lhz_cube 238 194 won't work, you need to talk to Fishbone (lighthalzen 340 224) a bunch of times, bring him 20 jellopies and find your way through the maze.. it works, I completed that quest just a few days ago
  8. mistress card works, cloud kill and abracadabra will still require one gemstone
  9. Several new items are not working properly (missing effect in red) Green Surgical Gown A gown once used by a scholar who studied homunculus. DEX + 1, Max SP + 30. When equipped with the Scalpel, has a chance when killing animal and demi-human type monsters to drop Immortal Heart and Alcohol. Higher refine rate increases the chance of item drop. Alcohol never seems to drop Light of Recovery A staff constructed solely for recovery ability. It maximizes the healing recovery at a high cost to the user. MATK + 160. Each refine increases your heal power and greatly increases the SP cost. Inde
  10. You can transfer money between characters on the same account using your control panel
  11. Frus

    Warp Portal

    Didn't add any new locations, my character had 4 of them saved (1 save point + 3 memo points) but today when I used the skill only the save point was available Note that it hasn't happened to just one character, I checked several other suras/bishops and only the save point shows up It's no big deal, I was just wondering if this was a planned decision or some sort of bug =P Highly unlikely, since my character has had those locations saved for years and I clearly remember at least another small server rollback, yet nothing changed back then
  12. Frus

    Warp Portal

    I've just noticed that all memo points for Warp Portal skill were resetted Was it intentional? If so, why wasn't it announced?
  13. Frus

    Ab Skills

    remove your garment, it's most likely because of the sinx card you put in it
  14. Frus

    Website Improvements

    "Dynamic Monster Database" and "Dynamic Item Database" icons are switched
  15. https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=33288 https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=32382 thanks for using the search function
  16. Party Name: pew and then also pew Member 1: Baby Lex (Alchemist) Member 2: Anahata (Monk) Member 3: X E M N A S (Crusader)
  17. it's not related to mechanics, but varetyr spear got a damage boost (nearly +100%) without an official announcement too
  18. 154 Mobsters on rank B
  19. 106 chocolate even with rudolph's red nose the chance to get chocolate from cookie bags is too low
  20. https://gatheringro.com/ -> Login -> My Account -> click on your character's name
  21. any kind of death is fine and you can check your death count in your control panel by the way, is it just me or the font is ridiculously small? it didn't look like this when I first wrote this
  22. try @warp morocc 53 87 instead also this guide is almost 4 years old and episode 12 messed up most of the quests that took place in Morroc http://irowiki.org/wiki/Spy_Quest here's the whole quest
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