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  1. Hi john. we're planning to make a daily basis farm like phq and bg hoping you can help us.

    atleast 4person need for Battleground daily for activation


    so yea i talk to gacha and tob theyre joined already
    if you interested just pm me back and we set some schedule on this procedure work. thank you/thx

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    2. Gale Windscar

      Gale Windscar

      I am, but I have some time constraints to work around. Maybe we can talk in Discord? I have Gacha added there.

    3. Fred


      Sure sure. we can arrange every player schedule depends on their free time. /no1
      btw, whats your discord name?

    4. Gale Windscar

      Gale Windscar

      Virgilius #8490

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