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  1. I'll post a formal thread on the Bug Tracker section. I hope you'll look into it. Thank you.

    On 10/16/2020 at 6:04 PM, Everade said:

    I guess i've missread the question then.

    Yes, it's supposed to not deal damage any longer once the enemy has been freezed.
    That gives you the opportunity to do a combo using lord of vermillion or

    So i guess you're trying to say it's the other way around?
    Then i consider it a bug.


  2. Would be cool and be really appreciated if we have like a "sample" we can check on site or in-game how the costumes would look when worn other than being linked by other characters. Sometimes the item icon can be really deceiving and might get really disappointed when bought and worn. /swt3

  3. I can't find any other way to remove this basically useless item that I have no idea how and where I got it from. It's taking up space in my inventory and it's hella annoying. Can someone help me please? /hmm


    *EDIT* I have been told that to sell this to an NPC and it worked like a charm.  /gawi


  4. Is there anyway or make it possible that the Sorcerer's elemental summons a bit stronger or tougher?
    They're so squishy, easily killed and their cooldown is really long. They're also a bit expensive in the Tool Shop.

    We have the skill Elemental Cure but it takes a lot of HP for us to heal it to full.
    It would be a great help on Sorcerer users to make summons last longer in the battle field; this also gives them more versatility.

  5. I have freshly downloaded the full client in our website twice and the error still persist.

    Regarding with my PC, I have not changed nor installed any application at all. I've also tried running it with admin previliges, disabling/enabling firewall/anti-virus but nothing seems to work.

    I also got a pm from a friend saying they've got almost the same issue as I am having. Their error says "Can't complete installing patcher without configuration data."

  6. 1 hour ago, leaphar said:

    Wish we could have a bug tracker section again @Everade, it is more organized than posting it in 'ingame support'

    Yes please. Bug Tracker is sooo much better than the other section. People tend to get confused on where to post these kind of threads.

  7. 9 hours ago, leaphar said:

    Where's the logic there? All battlegrounds supposed to work outside of bg. both glorious armors and weapons, and elite sets

    Refer to my reply on Vio's.

  8. 11 hours ago, D e M o N said:

    I thought it was going to be considered? /sob


    Nope. It was made to be same with the official WOE gears(I'm referring to Emperium sets), same reason for Battleground equipments.

  9. 9 hours ago, Shuichi said:

    Well! You know I've been playing here for 8-9 years, I met awesome people and I'm glad to have them as my friends, I hope our friendship can stay like this for many more years.

    But I think my time here has come, just for some new facts around that I think, as a player, we do not deserve, and just those closer people know that I hate unfair things, my decisions for many are "dramatic " but I just believe in what is fair. And I don't need more toxic facts, even in a game, yes. 

    It's pretty hard for me to do this, this place made me happy, sad, angry... I cried and I laughed... because I loved gRO so much, but that's not enough.

    I love my friends too, but I will leave this game for the good.

    Khai, Sissney, Dany, Abril, Noah, Alel, Roland, Mahrze, Dothy, Ed Stampede, Mario, Mino, Violentia, Gelo, Sharkie... and many others (I'm sure), were part of my gRO life, even if we had some problems, they are in my heart /lv

    Maybe one day ... I can visit the server just for the memories (and not again when Siss wanna make an event ... thank you <_<)

    So, I made this! Is a quick drawing, just like saying 'good bye'. /ok
    Imma save my stuffs, because are too awesome for mortals haha! Jk! but yah imma keep them ._.

    Hope you guys can enjoy the game. I'm gonna miss you all!


    Bai bai /gawi

    WHAT IS THIS?! GHAAAAD! Some kind of joke?! (Please tell me it is...)

    Oh Shuuuu...never have I thought of all the people I love and knew, it would be you saying goodbyes. It's really sad, really, really sad.

    The reason I played again was actually becuase of you guys, my most loved friends, the kind of friends who'd never let me down(although I've been bullied a lot, but I like it!).


    Jokes aside, I would really really really miss you so much Shu! /sob I'd miss the times whenever I get online, its your char that I always see far left side of Althea. Huhuhu.

    You maybe leaving, but the memories that I had with you will forever stay.

    I'll forever remember you whenever I see the Piamette Hat you gave me, and that brings sadness that you left and at the same time joy that I had to be a friend with you.


    Thank you soooo much for the laughs, the AFKs, the bullies and sooo much more! I'll always be your friend and will always wait for your coming back. We love you soo much Shu!  /kis


    (I'll be stalking you more on IG now. >:D)

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