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  1. Alright. So everything, if not most, will be reverted back to official. That's sad. Anyway, what about the custom Battlegrounds and Emperium equipments?
  2. I've got concerns regarding the customized effects of our current equips and how it's gonna be on the upcoming update. Will the customized equipment be reverted back to official? Like the Geffen Magic Robe, some players are still trying to make it to +12 to maximize the potential of the armor, however, if it gets reverted back to official, then it's all for naught. It's not just Geffen Magic Robe, we've got lots of costume items here that are really good but also needs high refinement, but it is really shitty when compared to the official ones. Would really love to know in regards t
  3. I'll post a formal thread on the Bug Tracker section. I hope you'll look into it. Thank you.
  4. Would be cool and be really appreciated if we have like a "sample" we can check on site or in-game how the costumes would look when worn other than being linked by other characters. Sometimes the item icon can be really deceiving and might get really disappointed when bought and worn.
  5. I can't find any other way to remove this basically useless item that I have no idea how and where I got it from. It's taking up space in my inventory and it's hella annoying. Can someone help me please? *EDIT* I have been told that to sell this to an NPC and it worked like a charm.
  6. Thank you so much. Looking forward to these upcoming updates.
  7. Is there anyway or make it possible that the Sorcerer's elemental summons a bit stronger or tougher? They're so squishy, easily killed and their cooldown is really long. They're also a bit expensive in the Tool Shop. We have the skill Elemental Cure but it takes a lot of HP for us to heal it to full. It would be a great help on Sorcerer users to make summons last longer in the battle field; this also gives them more versatility.
  8. As what I have recalled, Storm Gust doesn't hit enemies that it froze. Is this suppose to work like this? Or is this a bug? If it's the latter, can have it fixed? Thanks.
  9. Any oldie still hanging around?

  10. Hey. You still active? :D

  11. Hi bishes. <3

    1. Hersheys


      gRO's barely alive now though. Half the population, from what I heard XD

    2. Koxy


      its even less Kat

    3. Hersheys


      From the most recent updates too, I heard was the cause. Oh well

  12. What's up? /ho

    1. Hersheys
    2. Gelo


      Soon. XD Gonna get a new pc tho. 

    3. Hersheys


      See ya soon, then! <3

  13. I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials and I've already tried disabling it and run the patcher but I still got the same results. Anyway, I'll try @Koxy's suggestion when I get home from work and see if it works.
  14. I tried disabling my anti-virus as what @aaieL l pogi suggested but it does no good. Still, the problem persist — Thor Patcher cannot launch without configuration data.
  15. I have freshly downloaded the full client in our website twice and the error still persist. Regarding with my PC, I have not changed nor installed any application at all. I've also tried running it with admin previliges, disabling/enabling firewall/anti-virus but nothing seems to work. I also got a pm from a friend saying they've got almost the same issue as I am having. Their error says "Can't complete installing patcher without configuration data."
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