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  1. Make Godlike-Items tradeable please. Just one click away from you sir.

    1. leaphar


      Maybe its much better to return the tradeability of premium items such as Bubblegums, Convex Mirrors, and Gym Passes first?

    2. Yzobel


      OMFG! poor Pre-wipe people. This is just wow hahaha

  2. the map u need to hunt these crystal monster is anything else than small + i wont "waste" my bgum in here, there are much more useful ways to use bgum
  3. yea seriously, thank you everade! <3
  4. I've got an Idea: Let's all play WoE this Satuarday? :)

    1. Spectator


      no more bugs sir?

  5. Map Server down.

    1. Sumisu acid head

      Sumisu acid head

      This time Login & Char Server also down, last time only Map Server

  6. 2x balmung, but only if they are +10, minimum, abys thana abys, abys orc skel abys
  7. SERIOUS?! MAP CRASH AGAIN? now we dont even had alot people online.

  8. hmm, no idea, but id try to delete the full client again and re-download it, then try again. if u still got that low download, try to turn of your firewall or something. whats ur internet connection? mbs/sec? ctrl+alt+del -> task-manager -> processes -> GatheringRO -> right click -> set priority -> high (realtime) otherwise i go no idea. hope it will help.
  9. Map Server crashes during WoE. Seems like the new woe_map cant handle bigger amounts of players. The Fragment-System works, but its hard abuseable, just use duals and kill yourself until u got 70/0. not the beauty way, but some guys of our community arent afraid about it. lol. support classes need to be calculated better, as Yzobel said, 5 fragments for a frost joking minstrel and its like the same for AB's or something. Does emp-breaks count? Blood Rose said he got only 5 fragments on a woe he only used to break emp's. -we need a fix on the map crash. -we need thana card to get fixed, ma
  10. YO! The Map Server is crashing during WoE - on the last 1 hour - 30 minutes - the most active time of our WoE. My intention - it's the new woe_map, which can't handle like 30 guys at 1 time. We seriously need this to be fixed. I wont imagine what happens if our WoE dies..... I'd die also.. :'(
  11. B>+10 Valk Shield's - offer please

  12. may u draw me? ill send u the picture i want you to draw me into anime, with those cute chibi-eyes :3 send me a picture of you, i will try the same. ow - and what did you use for your background? is it something on computer or is it all real paint? hahaha, its Strawberry-Shu :3
  13. there are some guys who knows how to get into the castle by the flag, ive got no idea how, may someone tell me?
  14. Mute status lasts forever. im in althea for 20 minutes now, all over the time im muted, left pvp after i got muted, to see if im right.

  16. finally. merry christmas to anyone. much love

    1. raphaelluigi


      my present kevs thx! :)

  17. Fck!! Can't Open the browser with my Sisters iPad.... xD Kerry xmas to u all, i love ya'll // No matter how, ill come on today to Tell u how much i love u

  18. http://rns.gamona.de/index.php?show=quest&qid=27 This is the Link to the original WORKIG Thanatos Quest - check it out - ill open a new thread to give out that link to everyone~ http://irowiki.org/wiki/Thanatos_Tower_Quest english. And You guys need to @jump 61 179 - To the Statue - not the little machine shown in the other old thanatos quest. Once u've reach the statue you will be asked to type something - type in first "Red Key" - after that you will be asked again - then type "Yellow Key" - if u typed it correctly you will recieve the Blue Key. Any step is explained in my posted
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