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  1. Make Godlike-Items tradeable please. Just one click away from you sir.

    1. leaphar


      Maybe its much better to return the tradeability of premium items such as Bubblegums, Convex Mirrors, and Gym Passes first?

    2. Yzobel


      OMFG! poor Pre-wipe people. This is just wow hahaha

  2. I've got an Idea: Let's all play WoE this Satuarday? :)

    1. Spectator


      no more bugs sir?

  3. Map Server down.

    1. Sumisu acid head

      Sumisu acid head

      This time Login & Char Server also down, last time only Map Server

  4. SERIOUS?! MAP CRASH AGAIN? now we dont even had alot people online.

  5. B>+10 Valk Shield's - offer please


  7. finally. merry christmas to anyone. much love

    1. raphaelluigi


      my present kevs thx! :)

  8. Fck!! Can't Open the browser with my Sisters iPad.... xD Kerry xmas to u all, i love ya'll // No matter how, ill come on today to Tell u how much i love u

  9. RainbowLOVE, merry xmas to you all !!!

  10. I Think i got no chance, but I'll try! / Some Day's ago i dropped my LK card on Althea by accident, because i dropped Items on my Inventory i don't need, well i failed, dropped lk accidently. I know it's my big fault, but i really ask you guy's - May i have my LK card back please? I'd pay for my fault.... Please Community, be nice! Greetings, me!

    1. Sumisu acid head

      Sumisu acid head

      I used my character Riimp, character-class Clown 3rd Job, Guild Lemmings

  11. Now my Warlock's Staff? Lol? Vellum got higher damage now, which troll is that.

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    2. Sumisu acid head

      Sumisu acid head

      so why do they nerf it?....

    3. Steo


      Ohh nice nerfed. It was pretty op

    4. Sumisu acid head

      Sumisu acid head

      vellum still same damage, they just nerfed MY staff, im the only one using it

  12. Bug Tracker is updated :P

  13. bday! gimme a minute!

  14. 4 Server crashes in a row, just a minute ago, but in a speed u couldnt hunt mvps, it just crashed again after u logged in again, so for me it means it was not on purpose. i still think a newbie got some issues, lol.

  15. Remember: Today + tomorrow - last day's to post your September Theme Event - Screenshot !

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