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  1. The Guide To The Coin System And How To Use Silver Coins You can try this
  2. With the new update released, The New Coin System has been introduced. The New Coin System allows us to trade our zeny into coins. In this guide I will share with you guys what to do with your coins. Let's start by exchanging our zeny into coins. (@warp althea 185 239) I prefer to get silver coins since we need them for laters XD. Now since you got your coins we could use them for: 1. Quests & Services They can be used for several quests which you encounter on your journey. They are also required for services such as: - House Rental System - Emperium Breaker Service - 1v1 Private PvP Arena And many more. 2. Dice Game (@warp althea 203 120) in the second room of second floor. Playing the Dice Game cost 1 silver coin each round. If you win, you will be rewarded with 1 Dice Coupon (i only have 3 XD) Dice Coupons can be used to redeem prizes from Journey. 3.Vending Machine (@warp althea 178 115) You can actually get Headgears from drinking selected beverages: Fanta Orange - 10x Silver Coin - Fanta Orange Can Hat Fanta Grape - 10x Silver Coin - Fanta Grape Can Hat Karada Meguricha - 15x Silver Coin - Karada Meguricha Hat Black Tea Kochakaden - 15x Silver Coin - Black Tea Kochakaden Hat Coca Cola - 20x Silver Coin - Coca Cola Can Hat Diet Coca Cola - 20x Silver Coin - Red Minstrel Hat Green Ale - 30x Silver Coin - Beer Hat By "DRINKING" these beverages several times, you will acquire a coupon of the beverage. These coupons can be exchanged for the hat from the Gathering Station Girl. (@warp althea 166 277) And that's about it. Thank You for reading my first ever guide I hope it helps. Credits: <GM> Everade For the new patch and the coin system
  3. I can't find the NPC at xmas 131 233. Is this quest still open ?
  4. Well i guess i'll agree with that since i too would like the prices for items and MVP like LK/TAO/THANA be lower and not over priced because only the rich gets richer and the new people don't get a chance because of high demands.
  5. Aww some people like me worked hard for those mithrils. It would be sad that some of us bought miths for 25-40m and then we just get below 10m zenny in exchange. I would be alright with it being 15-20m XD
  6. Mithril Changer coming soon XD
  7. Do stats affect your refining chances ?
  8. Yeah haha i got confused because she was not there so i just boarded the plane and went straight to the cap'n.
  9. I did this quest but why are the questions ingame different from the guide ?? Anyway i still got my item
  10. Can god helms be Prism Sprites ????
  11. I can't put my on signature ... it always says Error about something going wrong x_x
  12. How do i get coins ? @whodrops do not show any results >_>
  13. Do mobs still drop coins ? I cant even play dice gambling in althea
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