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  1. If you're using windows 8 make sure you're using compatability mode with XP. I had all kinds of problems initially installing on 8. Ran compatability and they all went away.
  2. So I want to make a pimp hat. Sadly, I can't because the vending machines don't accept any type of coin. They always say I'm short no matter how many I have of the various types. Same for the other hats that are vending machine related. I thought I posted this over 2 weeks ago so I'll make a thread for it here. Edit: I haven't been playing since I posted this because it's to frustrating to get on and know there are things I can't do to catch up no matter what at this point. I'm not even interested in trying any longer. I really liked it here, I genuinely did. However, this is over 4 days old and no response of any type. I don't expect just because I post something to have it fixed. I would anticipate, however, that after 4 days some type of response, any response at all, was warranted under any circumstance. There is a difference between over worked and just don't care any longer. I can only guess from my end which it is for the server admin here and I could be wrong. However, since guessing is all I'm left with that's what I'm gonna do. I guess I'm spinning my wheels here. It was fun. I hope the best for you all.
  3. This can no longer be done. The machines DO NOT TAKE COINS ANY LONGER. I posted this two weeks ago and yet they still don't work. You can't get anything from any machine with any coin.
  4. They prefer to be called irregular hexahedron midgardians.
  5. The machine will not accept coins. I have plenty in my inventory and it always says I don't have enough. Is it bugged? Was it changed?
  6. thrace

    Go Nerf!

    I like falcons. They have better crit lock for mvps and they ignore defense on high end mobs. Warg does not.
  7. I am wondering if the Crown of Deceit description is accurate as it seems to have more bonuses than the RMS version. I checked the database and the script read the same as RMS which is just the 4 int and 10% cast redux without refine bonuses listed. However, I came to the conclusion my first few days here the database is a bit outdated so I'm asking to be certain. It certainly seems worth the cash and a box of e elus if it is.
  8. So dice game is unplayable for until some unknown time in the future. How sad. I was wanting to see if dragon helm actually works in combo like RMS has it listed.
  9. anyone trying this now can just skip the woman on the bridge. she is not longer in izlude. i went straight to the captain and was able to get the quest and point from that point on.
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