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  1. Ok! thanks for your reply And............. Keep at it beast!!!
  2. Are rangers getting weaker? I have asked many other players. And they say that rangers are the weakest class now......... My ranger is kinda strong but not enough. And I'm ok with that but what about the others? Like the newbies, ranger is one of the nicest class to use.... but lately it has gotten weaker. Well I'm just asking if ranger class with also get something changed.
  3. so is the problem fixed? if not can you pls delete my character ll Kirito ll pls
  4. They say Gathering RO is the best because of its server. But now I believe that it is not only better than other servers. But also the staff of Gathering RO is the best. Thank you for what you have done
  5. Ok if this causes others to crash i will stop clicking thanks for the reply
  6. So before the big update and all the problems happening. I had some splendide coins. It was in my storage but there is was a problem it didnt have a picture like manuk coins. So I tried to right click it then I crashed and I tried again but to no avail it still crashed. I did some quest in splendide and got some coins but still it was like that. Now I cant put it in my storage cause when I left click it crashes also. Please do something about it
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