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  1. I think you all are being very insensitive to the Skeggiold race
  2. My best friend introduced us. Didn't really think of much considering you were his girlfriend, in my mind you were off limits. 6 months of all three of us hanging out together changed that. I was deeply in love, and very depressed. He treated you horribly, and you knew that. But you were still with him. I thought you were going to stop talking to me that day that i told you i had feelings for you, and was very surprised to know that you liked me too. I felt so good about myself finally. I'm sorry about the party at my house, things shouldn't have ended up that way, but i can't stand your boyfriend anymore. It was wrong of me to stop talking to him all at once, and i felt like you were having to choose someone. That wasn't my intention at all. But as soon as you told me you broke up with him, i couldn't just stay at home. That night actually gave me hope that we could have a future together. We were the cutest couple ever, even all of your friends agreed. But you still kept talking to him. Leaving in the middle of days we planned to do stuff. That's when i realized this was nothing more than a dream. I told you i needed a few days, to get my head straight. After two days i tried calling you, no answer. Texted you, no reply. You broke me. You broke my heart. I couldn't even talk to a girl for more than a week before shutting them out. You made me so insecure. But i still love you for some reason, even though i can't look at you. You were my first love, and i will never forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart. I love you Elizabeth
  3. His guide is the best but you don't ever see any Suras following it This is what 2014 suras do: DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC Fran please come back. Or at least make Mikey come back and teach these new suras what to do
  4. I Think you should add a +10 Vellum Spear to the list of weapons as a cheap alternative. It honestly isn't that bad at all. Increased my 6.5k damage per hit using hundred spear with a +13 battle hook to 11-12k~ damage per hit using the vellum spear
  5. PvP is going crazy right now, people using @jump while spamming skills. Please fix this
  6. i don't really play any other games on PC. I do play a game called 'Monster Warlord' on my phone though its really fun and addicting
  7. Makes me feel a little better now that its not only rangers xD
  8. Been doing some hunting recently using my ranger, Everything goes fine until the boss has maybe 1/8th of its hp left, then i constantly miss. At first, i thought it was the kind of arrow i was using, so i switched them but it still happened. Its happened on baphomet, Osiris, Doppelganger, Dracula, Dark Lord, so i think its happening on everything else
  9. Delete this post please, didn't realize you couldn't use esma in pvp anymore
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