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  1. No one online even during WoE? Where did everybody go?

  2. wow! people are online right now! yeah! :)

  3. All bugs fixed? So, there's no more reason for us not to go online! Let's play WOE later!!!

  4. gro's fb page is not active. players also scout for servers on facebook you know. :)

    1. Shuichi


      VERY AGREE WITH YOU, SIR!! (finally!)

  5. let's go online later and play WOE! :)

  6. let's start again... server wipe? :)

    1. Aii


      I thought the same thing, I see many new servers growing up fast, I wonder if there's a way to renew the server...

      But I guess need to think about old players either, a compensation or so...

    2. Spectator


      the server is worst at the moment. even on a geffen castle woe, no one goes online anymore. :(

    3. Spectator


      we can't wait forever.

  7. Philippine RO is shutting down on March. I wish all of the players will transfer here. LOL

    1. ParkChoRong


      so, this is good news??

  8. Happy 10th anniversary GRO!
  9. Spectator

    Server Update

    i'm having an error whenever i go to gathering station. my client crashes and i can't use my characters. i just updated kro. (fixed: i used the original installer without new kro updates)
  10. Suggestion: What if the way fragments are rewarded will be similar to battleground badges. The winning team gets the higher number of fragments and losers get less. It will also create an atmosphere of team work since everybody should actively play hard and strive to win because all the members get the same number of fragments after WoE.
  11. thank you sir for the updates!
  12. thank you for the updates sir everade!
  13. pvp in althea pls. the population increased while it was on. ^_^

  14. may the force be with you sir..
  15. what are the new ingredients sir?
  16. maybe there will be an npc where we can buy mithrils using coins for the quest requirement and close down the crystal mine..
  17. pls make the light to el dicastes accessory transferable to storage once again pls...
  18. when i finished the el dicastes quest and received the ring, it can be placed in the storage. because of that, i used the ring on my other character. but when i logged in last night, the accessory was no longer movable to storage. so it's stuck on my other character. unfortunately, my RK is the one who completed all the quests and now i cant use the ring on my RK. what should i do? is there a fix or something? thanks!
  19. pls bring back the previous success rate of upgrading weapons gm..i can't make it beyond +7.. and pls bring back the previous drop rate of common loots.. pls pls pls.. thanks
  20. if i write a review on RMS, will there be a reward sir?
  21. great job gm everade! can't wait to play.. by the way, is the celermine bug fixed already? thanks..
  22. Enrich Celermine Juice - stones anyone who uses it.
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