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  1. good day. can i have the link for the torrent DL
  2. Dear Santa Claus, My name is Nicholo in real life and I am 25 years old. My ingame name Bad Dragon Breath. I have been a very good boy this year. I help my wife wash the dishes everyday, and I listen to her when he tells me to clean our room. I am also nice to my three lovely daughters, even though they can be really annoying sometimes. They were all really nice, and I played with all of them a lot. My wish last year to you has not been delivered, Hoping that this year when i open my inventory ingame i have my RAINBOW SASH. Please give my love to Mrs. Claus, the elves, and all the reindeer, especially Rudolph. I will leave some carrots for the reindeer next to your milk and cookies. Thank You! Love, Nicholo
  3. OLOKin

    10Th Anniversary

    Happy 10th Anniversary GATHERINGRO. Wishing for many anniversary to come. God Bless GatheringRO and the players
  4. OLOKin

    Server Update

    Thanks Everade! Keep it up
  5. me too GM.. too much delay, sometimes can't login. my connection is good
  6. My DREAM HOUSE ign: Not Perfect
  7. Dear Santa, Good day! Hi! My name is Nicholo B. Nioda and i am 25 years old! I live at Purok Bayanihan, Lower Bliss , Barangay Sainz , City of Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines. I've been trying to get in your " nice " list this year. Some of the wonderful things I've done are: 1. I've been a very good husband for my wife 2. I've been a very good father for my 2 lovely daughters 3. and I've done very well my responsibilities in life I have a few special Christmas wishes. They are: 1. I wish good health for my family and for my upcoming 3rd baby 2. I wish papa jesus guide us always in our daily life 3. and the last for gatheringRO, i wish a RAINBOW SASH for a colorful gaming. I am very excited for your visit! I Promise to leave out some TAPIOCA or LECHE FLAN for you to snack on! Merry Christmas! Your Pal, Real Name: Nicholo B. Nioda ign: AZ l MariahCielo
  8. NIGHTMARE where are you?!...
  9. OLOKin

    Go Nerf!

    i dont like SURA because of "Matigas" soo boastful
  10. OLOKin

    Go Nerf!

    WARG type is the BEST! you can spam it with a damage 20-30k
  11. Hi! good day... I cannot make pimp hat/luxury hat please help me... i have 50 vita , 50 old papers and 50 crushed can... can you fix it?
  12. GM, Please help me with my Blank Eyes[1].. when i decard my maya purple card to my blank eyes[1] it becomes blank eyes[0]... please help.. what will i do?
  13. Headgear Upgrade NPC is not there. The NPC is in prt_in 86 70 PLEASE HELP
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