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  1. Was the server down last thursday? Coz thats the day we tested it. Sorry for double post. Theres no edit button on mibile version (i think). Why arent downtimes posted? Shouldnt that be recorded on the announcement thread? i know i sound impatient but im not. I know maintaining and fixing servers is a pain in the ass. Good luck!
  2. woop sorry for the late update. ok heres the detailes: Client installer - brand new! nope. tried that one. im the only one connecting to our modem. DIRECTLY. okay i have gathered new information. i found gathering RO from a friend of mine. he was able to play with the old client. then when i asked him if he downloaded the new client he said "no" so i gave him one. he installed it and patched it and so he got stuck too! server connection failed. after all my trials connecting to your server, fixing my client, fixing my connection. im very sure that the problem is server sided. yes SERVER SIDED, ive gone to 3 internet cafe and installed gathering RO (my copy), and even downloaded the client on their PC. still connection failed.
  3. ok done that one. result: still the same. IP TYPE: STATIC - CHANGED THIS TO DYNAMIC.
  4. ok lets have a bit of a trial and error shall we? 1. DX should be updated 2. .Net frame work should be too. 3. Vcred should be too. 4. try to check you firewall 5. disable antivirus 6. disable UAC 7. Run as admin 8. Compatibility = windows 7 or xp. 9. Take over the files using security settings then relaunch. 10. just play a different game for now and wait for things to settle down.
  5. np. glad i could help.
  6. please refer here: https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=43837 others are having the same issue. post your details there.
  7. d3d is for direct 3D. it seems you video card has a problem. how to fix this? 1. Outdated graphic drivers Update your drivers more specifically you video or graphics card. its free just google it. 2. No graphic drivers same as above. 3. Direct X not signed this one is a bit deep. just look for instructions over the net. 4. (rare one) incompatibilities. this one is OS based. but it seems your using XP so this might not be the problem.
  8. ok heres my details: i downloaded the installer from torrent. Full Client. installed it, worked smoothly on my drive C. patched the client and i encountered 1 bug: the patch download exceeded by 1 kb. (ex: 101kb / 100kb) closed and reopened and it patched till complete. started it and client went on smoothly, tried to log in with my account and it says failed to connect to server. tried to log in with random characters (asdkuhadihas) and it still the same result. used CCleaner on both temp files and registries. tried to log in but still the same. uninstalled client and reinstalled it. then restarted pc. patched the client - no bugs this time. started the client - > still the same. tried using different connections (home connection, computershop, friends connection, school connection, Broadband stick) still the same result. thats all of it.
  9. same here. patch - ok firewall - ok compatibility - ok but failed to connect to server when trying to log in.
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