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  1. creamy pet not fix? it gives +1 mdef for me -.-
  2. eh, also check the description of 3D Glasses.
  3. i already send a msg to you x: but late xD
  4. @putput0123 Kenzie already answer your question. just make sure you have all the requirements.
  5. if you are using Royal Guad use Brazillian Flag Hat+ Moonlight Flower Card + Turbo Potion + Symbol + no delay
  6. CannonMP258

    Healing Items

    yuhoooo. NO POTS = WOE WILL BE NICE
  7. no problem in digging it's working
  8. Thank you GM Team to all your support.. !! and a simple massage to us.
  9. i play Need For Speed Carbon and Underground what is your name their?
  10. mam sir everade already answer your question about your problem.
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