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  1. GM plzz help me im craving to GRO now :3 ill pm u many times thank you hope you help me
  2. hi GM team can u give me the email address of my account heres the username : mrchitz440 i forgot the password and also the Gmail i use cuz its a year when i quit then i really wanna be back again so i hope you can help me to get my other account. thank you just give me the Gmail and i know the password. i have a Paladin named Mang tonying.
  3. nice RK set..! how about the Stat's?
  4. The nightmare that i was found in digging was lost. i get my nightmare 2 days before the Maintenance is there any way to Back it? T_T plzzz help me!!
  5. AiisTeru

    Error On Start

    Here sir! here's my Error! i already Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) How about this how i fix this?. Thank YOu sir! ^^
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