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  1. that is correct. I do not have those options
  2. hi admins just letting you know myself and a few premium members don't have this option in our control panel
  3. hey does anyone else have this issue? i had about 100+ points and now I have 0 lol
  4. Hey GM's I just did the dating quest and gave him the 2 coupons + blank eyes[0] Recieved blank eyes[0] help please I don't want to do 10 quests again to get 2 coupson... nvm ... i just realised it doesnt show the slot... but its really slotted... still a bug though
  5. Awesome ! No need to type a long email anymore hahaha
  6. haha nvm bro i got it now ! thanks for the help. damn that was really stressful
  7. any idea if its possible the server time changes?? cause i swear i did it at friday 6pm in Eastern Time Zone... it's been 4 friggen days... holy cow its annoying... #nolifejustdoingthisdamnquest
  8. Hi guys I have an issue... I'm at the part where I gave my sign to Engel Howard / Flamming Spirit Man the thing is I forgot what time I gave it to him and missed it. what do I do... sorry for my bad english..
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