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Status Updates posted by jsum90

  1. Valentines Ring still not working.... tsk

    1. Everade


      We've had much higher priorities to work on during the past years.
      Although we gave it several tries already, the original effect might never be re-implemented since there's a core issue in rAthena which they won't adress since we're the only ones having this issue. (not official)

      And implementing a workaround isn't worth the effort, and yes we tried it multiple times.

      We haven't forgotten about it and maybe we change its effect entirely in the future.
      But the priority just isn't high enough, we rather work on other great content or more important fixes.

    2. Olga


      Its been years... i hope soon there will be a decided change...

    3. jsum90



      Its been years... i hope soon there will be a decided change...

      yeah, and if it will be change in the near future, the effect is still the same as its rarity (?) /gawi

  2. Savage x Caser (SC): before you report me and you think i was just sitting there and farming Badges on BG, make sure you did not cast the skill "BLOODLUST"  what should i do if i have 0SP and not regening all the time? 

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    2. jsum90


      And suddenly, @Roland, when you are in bloodlust, he will report you for being AfK(sitting waiting for a SP miracle) but  in the public chat there's no AFK WARNING. Goodluck bro.


    3. Chingu


      @Roland Lets give it a try if you want =)

    4. Chingu


      I'll play with you without bloodlust and manhole. I'll show you how low is my damage is =)

  3. Genetic Guide Please!

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    2. LKshaye


      googo DO IT!

    3. S4T4N


      wouldn't mind doing one, but i've always been awful at merchands in general :P

    4. lancelot


      Make one GoiLords please

  4. Everybody loves the Sunshine...

  5. Raise the minimum Rage!

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    2. jsum90


      that's what i mean raise rage.

    3. Hersheys


      Well I do certainly agree on the BG items being tradable!

    4. jsum90


      Global Rage in reality. :>

  6. Failed to connect to the Server?

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    2. jsum90


      back to Netizen again /slur

    3. LKshaye
    4. Nicolight


      back to weedtizen.. ~opppssss

  7. anyone knows how Mithril crystals back to its original Mithril?

  8. I smoke two Joints before i smoke two Joints. hahaha https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=854158404600872&set=vb.128174150532638&type=2&theater Add comment

    1. jorielle16


      I feel you brow! haha

    2. jsum90


      HAHA sarap pag nasa byahe + music + nture = Peace hahaha

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