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  1. ohhhh, i see. thanks sir Everade
  2. can a GM explain us more about this problem? because i encountered a solo ET w/ 10 valkyries on 99th floor, so i suppose to get 19vfs(vrand&minions + 5 on 96th + 10 on 99th) but i only got 15 even if i used a bbgum. and one valkyrie dropped only an old blue box thanks
  3. See guys? told yah my bad about that
  4. err, try using @mi 1765 , you'll see that all of valkyrie's drop are 50%, so x2 drop rate = 100% dont rely on rms, we have our own database and rms' rates are normal rates. we are on high rate. lol and i only ET alone, i get 9~14vfs if valkyries drop them 100% w/ bbgums
  5. Valkyrie mobs seems not to drop 100% of their loots when using bbgums sometimes you will get 2/3 loots. Their normal drop rates are: vflower = 50% vshield = 50% obb = 50% so they should be 100% on bbgums right?
  6. It supposed to be increasing str and atk right? Blue Circles show effects on int and Matk Red Circles show no effect on str and Atk
  7. Shirin


    what will be the effect of thanatos if the merge happens? will it increase its effect or it will decrease? thanks beastboy :3
  8. ill gladly wait for that :3
  9. no more of this event?
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