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  1. o.O I had same issue bout this and was rly confused so I just assumed it just had 24hr cd instead of 12hr coz' if I fret it wont end c: ~desu
  2. Actually, I was gonna go fo "pinknin" but I unconsciously type down Suiseiseki instead lol but no worries since I rly lyk both the name n' character ever since I watch the anime c: ~desu
  3. Desu and will always be~

  4. Oh so dats wat the coin exchanger for Lol I felt dumb... all this time i thot its for dice game heheh daaaym I had rly no idea OWH EHM GHEE am so embarrased ryt now Well uh.... uhmmm thanks for the reply c: ~desu
  5. Hello, I just wanna ask bout zeny since am confuse. How much money can u carry here? It seems I can't go over 2b... or can u? Also, Is there a bank here? Thanks~ c:
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