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  1. LOL.. i dont know if that's possible. hmm, dont stop clicking engel howard 8pm up to 10pm.. just try, if still nothing happens, try to send a pm to everade or any of the admin, and ask what is the exact time you gave the sign to engel. LOL
  2. did you remember if its morning, afternoon, night, midnight? coz that situation happened to me twice(my bvh and my friends bvh) i forgot the exact time but i remember i gave it to him morning.. so every 3am up to 8am in the morning i spam click engel till he surrender my sign back. (i did this for like 3days) and yeah, it's very important to read the guide very carefull. REMEMBER: Make sure you wrote time when you handover to Metz and Engel Howard Use @time and come after 3 ~ 4 hours If you handover it at 22:04:39 try talk at 01:04:39 ~ 02:04:39.
  3. cool.. thanks for the reply. i'll try that. thanks jao
  4. Hello guys. I wanna ask how to retrieve my Patcher Icon(the blue one) in my gathering RO folder. i opened it last time but my anti-virus blocked and auto deleted my patcher(not the whole client, only the patcher). do i need to reinstall my gathering RO client? or is there any easy way to get it back? coz if i re-install the client, it will took ages again, coz my internet sucks. :3 thanks and regards ~~pew pew pew Laazzeeewwrr
  5. D Y O


    well, i can wait till 7pm server time renee, since tomorrow is weekends, i can stay up late see you then.. take care renee
  6. D Y O


    wow.. yeah, thats me 8pm +8gmt 2pm to 3pm servertime.. thankiesss
  7. D Y O


    Hello Renee what do you mean character name? the one i deleted? or present characters that i use on that same account where i made my prism? or my username? <3 lots.. DYO
  8. D Y O


    just wanna ask, what if i accidentally deleted my Prism in my account, can i make a new prism on that same account? also is there any chance that i can retrieve my prism? its quite long ago, hmm like, 5-6mos ago that i deleted my sura and forgot that my prism is in my sura's inventory.
  9. D Y O

    Attn: Holly Enix

    woah everade ^^, thanks i will be waiting for that... <3
  10. D Y O

    Attn: Holly Enix

    cool.. thanks renee <3
  11. yes, about Dating Quest.. just wanna ask if Blank Eyes is not slot-able anymore.. its been a week now that i tried to slot my BE[0] but it seems like its not on the list of slot-able items anymore and also dark blinder. thanks renee, i PMed you also here in forums..
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