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  1. Soul Link to Assasin Cross/Guillotine Cross Sonic Blow skill is not working, not sure with other class or if this was already reported...
  2. Guillotine Cross: -Throw Venom Knife not able to inflict poisons (Leech End, Magic Mushroom,etc.) -Venom Dust not working properly (not inflicting poison on same cell as the player or no poison at all regardless of resistance) -Cross Impact damage is low (60% damage increase in which Beast implemented is gone or is this an official change?? please correct me if I'm wrong) Genetic: -Acid Demonstration is too strong (or is this another official change??) Miscellaneous: -Light ASPD potions are not giving correct increase in attack speed (only giving 3-4 increase as opposed to their heavier counterparts) -Ghostring Card not working properly (does not reduce damage such as in Sacrifice)
  3. ex·cit·ed Definition of EXCITE 1 a : to call to activity b : to rouse to an emotional response <scenes to excite the hardest man to pity> c : to arouse (as a strong emotional response) by appropriate stimuli 2 a : energize <excite an electromagnet> b : to produce a magnetic field in <excite a dynamo> 3 : to increase the activity of (as a living organism) : stimulate 4 : to raise (as an atomic nucleus, an atom, or a molecule) to a higher energy level
  4. I think what he is asking is the STR value...
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