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  1. Rayleigh's post in Runes Creating Issue was marked as the answer   
    When you say "can't create" do you mean it doesn't appear on the list of runes when you use a rune stone? Do you buy the required items from the Rune Dealer?
    - Destroyed Armor
    - Elder's Branch
    - Light Particle
    - Worn-out Scroll
    You can buy these from the tool dealer for Runes, with these and at least level 8 Rune Mastery it should work. If it still doesn't, well! That's not cool then.
  2. Rayleigh's post in Golden Thief Bug Card, Goldring Boss Card and Masquerade. was marked as the answer   
    I remember we reverted the rAthena fix back then due to the huge impact of that particular fix on the state of the game. Players already had very little resistance to the skill because of our high Job Level value and this fix heavily upset the balance back then.
    If everything is normalized (to rAthena's source code) after the update, Masquerade should not be blocked by GTB anymore.
  3. Rayleigh's post in Crisom Wepaon Property was marked as the answer   
    The endow effect should take priority for as long as it exists. After that, your weapon will return to its original property.
  4. Rayleigh's post in Emperium Gears and Weapons Revert Back to Emperium Fragments was marked as the answer   
    This feature already exists in the form of a usable item.
    The guide's pictures are broken but the tool mentioned there does what you are suggesting, although it yields well below 50% frags.
    There is no such feature for BG and I am not sure it would be a good idea, as it might (even if only a tiny bit) affect BG activity if you can earn badges through other means.
  5. Rayleigh's post in Genetic Sling-ables was marked as the answer   
    Looks like they are currently unavailable. They need to be added to the Black Market NPC under the Genetic shop.
    12418, 12419, 12420, 12421
    Their prices could be set around the price of item 12428,  I guess (if it is in the shop).
  6. Rayleigh's post in Custom Wings Enhancement Possibilities was marked as the answer   
    Check here https://irowiki.org/wiki/Archangel_Wing_Enchants
    All wing enchant npcs share the same script. 
  7. Rayleigh's post in does the Assassin Skull Mask #18868 belong to belphe egg? was marked as the answer   
    Ugh, no. It appears I got the IDs confused...The ID for the costume version of the item in question is 31118 while the normal version is 18868. 
    Thank you for the report, will be fixed and your item will be replaced with the costume version.
  8. Rayleigh's post in The Old Headgears at the Pro Hunter Market have no effect in PVP but has effects in WoE, right? was marked as the answer   
    They don't work on any PVP enabled maps.
  9. Rayleigh's post in Is an Assassin Mask still a possible item you can get from Belphe Egg? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, but it has been replaced with the intended item for the next update. If you happen to get an egg, I suggest you don't open it until then.
  10. Rayleigh's post in What's the item script for Belphegor card? was marked as the answer   
    Has a GM shown you the card? The bonus is 1 ATK / MATK per 10 Base Level and 1 Hit per 17 Base Level resulting in 25 ATK / MATK and 15 HIT.
  11. Rayleigh's post in Fallen Angel Wings was marked as the answer   
    Only Archangel Wings (Daily Quest reward) can be enchanted at the moment (in malangdo). The NPC for FAW has not been implemented yet.
  12. Rayleigh's post in Returnee was marked as the answer   
    PM Everade all the information you have. The more, the better.
  13. Rayleigh's post in Mithril Crystal !!!Help!!! was marked as the answer   
    The Mastersmith Haphaestus in Geffen (@warp geffen 179 57) can turn 30 Mithril into 1 Mithril Crystal. Mithril can be obtained from our custom Mine. This might be useful:
  14. Rayleigh's post in Land Protector was marked as the answer   
    Investigated this issue as I was intending to fix it for the next update but it is working as intended. As of renewal, LP does not protect you when the spell is cast on a cell next to LP and thus splashes inside the area. Similarly, standing right on the edge of LP won't protect you anymore.
    So, fellas, don't be disappointed when this is not included in the update that will hit our server very soon and it will be huge.
  15. Rayleigh's post in Creator Card requires Acid Bottle? was marked as the answer   
    Skills that are autocasted through equip/cards usually don't require a catalyst. 
    The skill acid terror is very weak, though. I hope you don't confuse it with Acid Demonstration. 
    The Crit increase can be useful but you would have to put 110 strength to get the most out of it. I believe for Rangers putting those stats in LUK would be the better choice. This card seems to be best suitable for crit GX/RK as they put high STR anyway.
    Finally, if your aim is to PVP with this card, I would recommend you use a Marc card instead. For PVE it can't hurt to have 20 or 40 additional crit, though.
  16. Rayleigh's post in Shouldn't 100 Hard MDEF give Frozen Immunity? was marked as the answer   
    We use official resistance times 2. Every stat that requires 100 will require 200 instead.
  17. Rayleigh's post in Question about Sets (Emp vs BG) was marked as the answer   
    First of all, the BG sets don't provide 40% skill damage at +10. The description says according to refine level but this doesn't mean equal to refine level. The formula is actually refine level divided by 3 meaning you get an additional 10% damage to your skill if your whole set is +9/10. So it's 20% not 40% which would be way too much. 
    Second, as Lancelot already mentioned, the BG sets are kind of offensive sets with mediocre defensive stats and good offensive stats. Moreover, they provide a useful stat that helps certain playstyles. 
    The emperium set has a good mix of defensive and offensive stats and is arguably the better overall choice since it boost survivability by a lot while not neglecting DMG.
    Lastly, the only thing that was nerfed concerning the EMP set were the shoes. They initially gave +1 stats but it was removed due to heavy complaints (mostly because of arguments involving Sleipnir). 
    The other thing that was changed were the accessories but they don't count as they are not part of the set.
  18. Rayleigh's post in Does Daehyon Card work on Balmung [3]? was marked as the answer   
    Players use Drake card in Balmung because daggers have 75% ATK vs Medium (this only affects the Weapon's ATK). As Leaphar mentioned, I tested this and I can confirm Daehyon doesn't work with Balm.
  19. Rayleigh's post in Warmasters set [BG SET] was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for the report. A player had already pmed me about this issue, it will be fixed with the next update.
  20. Rayleigh's post in Cat Santa Hat Costume was marked as the answer   
    This is intended. The changelog of the last update mentions this.
  21. Rayleigh's post in Frozen (Status) vs Hard MDEF was marked as the answer   
    Just tested it and can confirm that it works as intended. Higher hard mdef reduces chance of getting frozen and grants immunity if high enough. Keep in mind that our server requires you to get 2x the amount you would need on official servers to get immune to statuses (e.g., 200 vit for stun immunity instead of 100).
  22. Rayleigh's post in Vellum Scale Nerfed ? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, Vellum Scale  has indeed been nerfed. It was accidentally left out a couple of months ago when we nerfed all the SP draining items. No player reported that Vellum Scale still drains 10%, some even preferred to use it to their advantage. I found out about it recently when I became active in PVP again. Our server does not allow SP pots in pvp so we try our best to balance items that drain SP (these items are intended for servers where you can simply use pots to regain SP). I hope you don't mind as this contributes to a fair and balanced gameplay.
  23. Rayleigh's post in RK Skill - Phantom Thrust Not working On monsters? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the report. You are right, in PvE environments the skill behaves abnormally. The next update addresses this issue.
  24. Rayleigh's post in Emperium Buckler Doesn't completely work was marked as the answer   
    The bonuses only work on a PVP enabled map/in WoE. Have you tried in e.g. Hell Box?
  25. Rayleigh's post in Melange Pot Gone On The Npc, Need Help :d was marked as the answer   
    It's there but its name is "Chowder Jar". You can see it on your screenshot. The name changed with the last update.
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