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  1. Good suggestion, just keep in mind there is also the % damage reduction of PVP gear. If the current value corresponds to 40% skill damage reduction, going 90% immediately might be overkill. I think it would be better to start from a lower value (e.g., 70%), and work your way up to a sweet spot. I am not sure if this is just a matter of reloading a DB file, though. In any case, there will be much more dying in WoE from now on, I think the fragments system will need to be adapted asap. On a side note: Are pots enabled in WoE?
  2. I remember we reverted the rAthena fix back then due to the huge impact of that particular fix on the state of the game. Players already had very little resistance to the skill because of our high Job Level value and this fix heavily upset the balance back then. If everything is normalized (to rAthena's source code) after the update, Masquerade should not be blocked by GTB anymore.
  3. Rayleigh

    BG set Bug

    Elite Archer effects only work during WoE and PVP, compare them in Hell Box and it should work.
  4. The endow effect should take priority for as long as it exists. After that, your weapon will return to its original property.
  5. No, unfortunately wind walk doesn't stack with any other item/skill speed upgrades. People usually use moonlight + brazil hat/helm of hermes (budget) or Cosmic Infinity (expensive) for max speed on rangers.
  6. This feature already exists in the form of a usable item. The guide's pictures are broken but the tool mentioned there does what you are suggesting, although it yields well below 50% frags. There is no such feature for BG and I am not sure it would be a good idea, as it might (even if only a tiny bit) affect BG activity if you can earn badges through other means.
  7. I guess if gro has custom agi values for these bosses it makes it worse, in which case the agi stat can be reverted to original. If we don't, then teaming up with spell casters might be an option.
  8. The fact that you need a lot of instance runs to get the cards makes coagulated spell a valuable item, giving players (especially beginners) a good source of income for zeny and a reason to run the instance several times. Rich players, if they want the card badly, can easily buy it from other players. It's a healthy balance, in my view. Given Gro's playerbase, I am not sure there are enough coagulated spells in circulation, though. This is the main problem in my eyes. A slight increase in the amount of coag. spell dropped per run might help.
  9. It's a known bug with the emulator. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/4279 They are not sure whether flat regen bonuses officially stack, so they haven't fixed it.
  10. In the light of the recently added Mecha exclusive gear, your statement is inaccurate.
  11. It should be Flee. Adjusted the info in the guide, thanks for pointing it out.
  12. PM Everade some important info you have on your accs that you can't reset (to prove they are yours). He might be able to help you out.
  13. Looks like they are currently unavailable. They need to be added to the Black Market NPC under the Genetic shop. 12418, 12419, 12420, 12421 Their prices could be set around the price of item 12428, I guess (if it is in the shop).
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