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  1. haha..made my day
  2. noob!!!

    Server Maintenance

    when the mt is over ?? xD
  3. i got gset wep n armor does it good ?? bcoz they keep telling me to get siege set.
  4. hahahaha.....useful to use when you need mith or zeny...
  5. noob!!!

    Item Fixes

    Oh thx...fix it..
  6. You can throw away yout balmung...
  7. noob!!!

    Item Fixes

    too many ad on website...
  8. Work fine for me..im windows8 and avast..
  9. Easier than previous.. XD
  10. Lol..take a lot my data..xD
  11. noob!!!


    that kinda hard dude..haha.
  12. lol..just make 200 dex n luk for ws..thats good enough..i think.
  13. noob!!!

    Skill Balancings

    hahaha..hey..im think i know you...imma comeback after got new lappy...lets get along later...xD
  14. noob!!!


    wahahaha...did vfs drop n valkyrie spawn rate still same?? nyahahahaha
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