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  1. A ton of Daily Quest efforts for nothing. Smh. Hard work should be rewarded. But thanks, Paeng.

    1. Olga


      What happened :O?

    2. Everade


      @Hersheys Seriously you need to stop with that attitude towards players, the server and me here in our forums and ingame.
      I refer you to our ingame rule nr.2 and 8 and forum rule nr.6



    3. Kristoff


      Kat here. On my boyfriend's account until my restriction is lifted. Leave his account alone, he has nothing to do with this. Attitude towards players? There's a grand total of 5 people in the entire server that I have an attitude with. Rap and Edric Helios, because they're both scammers and hackers. Sharkie, who purposely wore Errende cards to block all Rangers from dealing damage during Werewolf Events. Paeng, because he broke his promise and shit on my trust. And only up until now, you. If you haven't noticed, I actually liked most of the updates and fixes. When I "Like" your posts, which I do a lot, I'm actually either agreeing to it partially or fully.

      I don't know why you can't tell the difference between sarcasm and poking fun at something. This status is sarcastic, yea. A grand total of 3 posts, were the other times I was poking fun at myself and WB participants for getting just Boss Frags for days and for what I think is an expensive add-on of an Obsidian Frag for using a dueling room, when it takes 2 hours of WoE to get a single piece on average. In recent memory, the only other time I criticized the server was the upgrade chances, months ago. I actually love the server, but I just now started to dislike you more on a personal level. I've always only had just criticized policy. But not that you'd care anyways, or even bother to read this, now that this status update is buried, as there are new status updates by other people posted now.

      Also forum rule number 6 distinctly refers to Topics, not Status Updates. I suppose that would be written in there now. Sent you a message, btw.

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