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  1. Hey hey Marc, don't remember the specifics, but pretty sure you can work around with "getequipid" command and check the costume id to determine its sprite id and compare the variables. Drop a private message on forums if you need more. Cheers
  2. My scripting powers are eternal! ... and so is my prism. Just kidding: I think I still remember my code: I'm pretty sure it can be revised by adding a check on unequip, checking the permanent sprite variable with the costume sprite. Something along the likes of: (1) if costume sprite is empty and unequip prism, remove sprite (2) if costume sprite = prism sprite, keep sprite (3) if costume sprite != prism sprite, keep costume sprite. PS: by doing a similar check on equip you can prioritize costume > prism as well if you want Cheers guys, happy to see GatheringRO still going!
  3. Luckily I just happened to pass by. I don't have the GatheringRO files anymore as I'm inactive; but I think I remember the quest asking for item ID 5044 instead of 5068. It's this one number that has to be exchanged in the script and it should work fine then. Tell the active GMs (;
  4. Your best bet is to simply report. In many cases you can trace the person. You can e.g. also ask for their email and add it in the report and we can search accounts with that email
  5. Yes, yes Im kinda busy. I will do some tomorrow(friday), saturday and sunday again.
  6. You're welcome And thank you too, this is what motivates us - making people happy and actually getting a "thank you" If you wanna help us grow even more and are satisfied with what GatheringRO offers you, you can always write a review on ratemyserver about us
  7. that's right He got a cig and shoots with a gun. Your ingamename?
  8. Not until a Hint was posted, so not until 18:00, sorry! nope
  9. Nope Vaughn you may guess again, it has already been named
  10. no XD Yep, check older tasks for examples, or try them later for fun yourself without checking the answer
  11. Thank you for reporting The ID for evil wing ears in the script is an unused evil wing ear.... Because they decided to have 3 different evil wing ears and I didn't pay attention >_> ... Will be fixed by the next patch I sent you a piece via ingame mail to your RoyalGuard!
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    Solved, closed
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    Okay I hope I'll be online then. Cause I'm at work atm.
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