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  1. i hope someday summoner class can wear some garment costume or wing...



  2. Hi, where can i find the latest link for the patcher?

  3. Is the client installer in our website updated? Planning on re-downloading the whole game since I cant download this data.grf in the new patcher

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    2. Deemo


      You have to re-download it since server has been updated.

    3. Everade


      The latest fullclient includes all latest updates (including the new patcher).
      No further patching required.

    4. leaphar


      Thanks everade!

  4. Please replace "The Sign" ingredient in BVH quest :P

  5. Is there someone that already have costume Sniper Goggles? If yes, please pm me in-game or here in forums. Thank you!

  6. Finally! I'm done with my G.Set, now saving badges for an extra G.Ring S-1 /heh

    1. Tuna
    2. LKshaye


      serious BG while working! hahah gratz

    3. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      G.Set is best for PvM.. /heh

  7. Not sure if the beginning of August is 1~10 or 11~20 or maybe 21~31. LOL

  8. Never give up!

  9. Its been awhile since the last update ^^

  10. Hoping for Pumpkin/Devi Rucksack return this Halloween :D

    1. ken


      I sure hope so. I need another devi rs D:

  11. Map: Off

    1. Glockenspiel Commixture

      Glockenspiel Commixture

      How long has the map server been down?

  12. Time to fire those "busy" Event GMs lol

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    2. symbio
    3. Steo


      Would be nice to have an event after woe and stuff O_o

    4. Steo


      People often log in just for woe. Then log out right after. If there was an event maybe they would stay on longer. Then pvp would be more active longer. Just a thought.

  13. Will there be an update today? :D

  14. I think someone is crashing the server this time..

  15. Server map offline ._.

  16. Thanks for reverting the changes in Sura and Sorc

    1. leaphar


      I want to say this, No offend but please dont base your skill balancing when you have seen a full-equip player attacking out a mid-equip player. XD Thanks~!

    2. leaphar


      I also forgot to say that the only good vellum weapons are spear, glaive, and guillotine.

    3. Laer


      You should put this in the Feedback and Suggestions forum bro. :P It's gonna get buried under a whole bunch of people's status updates otherwise.

  17. Ghz people, please return on gRO. Lets make some fun again. =)

    1. Null


      not by a long shot.


  19. Beastboy ruined Glorious Weaps and turns them to shit, Its better to return them to their original effect instead of waiting for a guy that will never come back.

    1. leaphar


      He thinked that lots of players will make an overupgrade Glor.Weaps without thinking how hard it is to farm those 2k Badges, now he's gone and left this shit

    2. leaphar


      I have the rights to complain because I am a premium user.

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